Have Money to Burn? Pay $41,000 for a Toy










Japan's Ginza Tanaka Jewelers and toymaker Bandai Co. unveiled a miniature version of Japan's famous animated robot character - "Gundam."

Gundum is one of the longest running Japense animation series.

The figurine weighs in at 1,400 grams (45oz) and stands 13cm (5") tall. He is made of pure platinum which explains its name "Gundam Fixed Platinum."

At today's prices, melted down, he would go for $41,468!  

Is it me? Or does it seem a little expensive for a toy, huh?

Japan's Ginza Tanaka Jewelers is famous for making everyday items out of precious metals. I've written other articles about their products. Check them out:

(Via Rising Son of Nihon )

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