Have Money to Burn? Pay $250,000 for a Chevy Van

I'm not a big fan of extravagent items. Not that it matters because I don't have the money to buy most of them. If you work hard for your money, I think its fair to spoil yourself a bit. But what bugs me is how excessive some of these products are. For example, the gold foot massager (Have Money to Burn? Pay $130,000 for a Foot Massager). Wouldn't it work just as well if it was made out of wood or plastic. Some people argue that the gold works better. It doesn't work $129,995 better.

Chevy - ExteriorChevy - ExteriorThis week, I've come across a ridiculously expensive item that might some what justify the high price tag (read my logic below). This Chevy van is just insane. AI Design created this Mobile Living Space (MLS). The van is a full-size Chevrolet cargo van equipped with a 6.0-liter V8 and a Quigley four-wheel-drive system. The roof of the van is 12 inches higher than the regular Chevy van. AI Design put in a fiberglass roof extension that incorporates a mobile satellite TV antenna.

The interior is completely luxurious with reclining, hand-upholstered Edelman leather seating, a laser-engraved exotic-hardwood floor and a 32-inch LCD video monitor. The cabin also features aircraft lighting, an automated touch panel for interior controls and an integrated home style wine cooler

I want one of these. But I think if I had $250K to spare, I have a bunch of other things I would use it for (e.g. kids college education).

Chevy - InteriorChevy - Interior








Chevy - InteriorChevy - Interior










Out of the products I've written about in my Have Money to Burn articles, I think this one is most justifiable. My backwards logic is that if you are going to build something ridiculously expensive, make sure its useful. Have the decency to make it a little practical. This is something a person could use every day.

Ok - someone stop me. I think while doing these Have Money to Burn articles, I've really seen too much obscene wealth.

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Nov 20, 2006
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It looks like there is a sofa for sex and another one for voyager-ists.