Have Money to Burn? Pay $2 Million for Diamond Wheel Rims














Every time I write one of the Have Money to Burn articles, I am amazed at what I find. I scour around to find something to shock the lay person. And, every week, I manage to find something. This time it is a set of diamond and ruby studded wheel rims.

Back in November, Asanti came out with jewel encrusted 22 inch wheels with 12,000 diamonds and 800 sapphires (totaling 1,100 carats). The price tag for a set of four wheels is a $1 million. (see picture to the left) (link)

Now Asanti has come out with the ASF 130 Series. It features a set of four 34 inches wheels with 26,000 diamonds and 1,200 rubies. A set of four wheels costs $2 million. (see picture at top)

What kind of car would you own that wouldn't look ridiculous with a set of these? Where do you think you would park a car with these wheels? Would your car have to have its own 24 hour body guard? I think for that price tag, it should come with one. Do you think they would let you buy just one for $500,000?

Thanks BornRich.

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Mar 16, 2007
by Body Beauty

To burn alright

Yes, I agree it is money to burn. What if one wheel gets a hole in it, do you have a spare one of these in the back?

Mar 16, 2007
by Michelle
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Alexis, I love the stuff you

Alexis, I love the stuff you find. It's just amazing stuff.

The thing I think consistently when I see these items is not one of want or envy but a feeling of sickness.

Can you imagine the type of medicine and supplies it could buy for all those doctors who go offf to foreign countries and help little kids walk or smile or stand straight?

If I was ever really rich, I know I would splurge on things for myself, but this type of excess is sickening.  I hope I would appreciate the power of my money better than to use it for something like this.




Mar 16, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

it would be more practical if

it had compartments to also store your shoes--that way, you can change while on the road.