Have Money to Burn? $85,000 for a Teddy Bear

Teddy BearTeddy BearSteiff, a German company, has created the world's most expensive teddy bear. The £43,000 ($85,000) bear has fur made of real gold, and eyes made with sapphires and diamonds.

The new bear has a mouth made of solid gold, fur made from gold thread and eyes with pupils of sapphire and irises made from 20 tiny diamonds.

In celebration of its 125th anniversary, Steiff only produced 125 of the golden Jubilee Bears. You can identify a Steiff bear by the button on its ear.

Let's see ... I have two kids. I need to get one for each kid because you know if there's only one, they're going to fight over it. So, that will only put me in the hole $170,000. Do you think they will let me pay with the money that came in my kids toy cash register?

One more question. Is it me? or is this teddy bear not as cute as those significantly less expensive Gund bears?

via Ananova.

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May 2, 2008
by Anonymous

kareeb bell

its just stupid to burn $85,000 for a teddy bear!
he is not even cute! its nasty..
kids dont care gold! they like the cute stuffs!!
they must hate that horrible bear!! im sorry but its truth!