HEADLINE IT! Headwear Liner

HEADLINE IT! is a revolutionary product that fits securely under any hat, helmet, wig, or headwear. It catches the perpiration that would otherwise saturate the item.. and it has been proved, ON AMERICAN INVENTOR TV SHOW AS A TOP 12 FINALIST..... to stop perspiration from running into one's eyes and stops one's glasses or goggles from becoming fogged up. (As seen on the FIREMEN testing... clips can be seen on our website.) It extends the life of your favorite hat, eliminating washing and sweat rings. It works great under any helmet, firemen, construction workers, Motorcyclists, BMX, English horse riders, etc. Also wonderful for wig wearers. Increases the life of a wig, by having to wash it less. It has a non-slip surface that provides a secure and comfortable barrier between the scalp and itchy wig. This product is ONE OF A KIND..and proven to WORK! The liners are high tech wick wear that are hygenic, lightweight, ultra thin and DISPOSABLE. HEADLINE IT!
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: US D504,995S Design... Patent Pending Utility
Invention Status: Sub-licensing available....manufacturing presently.

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Feb 6, 2007
by CappaDonna (not verified)

Excellent invention

Not that wearing a CappaDonna Hat, from www.cappadonna.co.uk cause much perspiration, however, this is a great product from Jodi. Well done!

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

your product can redefine the hat industry

This idea is very good.You can revolutionize hat technology if hats and wigs start having this product built-in. People would buy hats and wigs with "Headline it! anti-sweat technology". This would fit amazingly in the sports industry.