Hello Kitty Static Electricity Key Holder - Positively Ex-Static!

The Hello Kitty Static Electricity Key Holder is much more than just a cute key chain, it's a powerful static electricity absorber that takes the sting out of closing your car door. It's happened to all of us, more frequently in cooler weather - you park your car, reach out to shut the door and ZZZAP!! The surprise of the electric shock only seems to magnify the pain while instantly souring your mood. What causes this annoying vehicular affliction and what can be done to eliminate it?

First off, an explanation is in order: The static electricity metal-bodied vehicles accumulate as they roll along is insulated from the roadway by their non-conductive rubber tires. The built-up charge then gets grounded through the first available conductive conduit: you, or worse, your Significant Other. I can tell you from experience, a nasty static jolt can get the most prim & proper young lady cursing like a drunken sailor... and of course, it's all your fault. Thankfully, the nice folks at car.brando.com.hk have come up with a remarkably simple solution: the Hello Kitty Static Electricity Key Holder.

This ingenious little device looks for all intents and purposes like a dime-store plastic Hello Kitty head on a metal link key chain, complete with pink flower bow. Gently touch it to your car door upon exiting, however, and a wonderful things happens (cue heavenly choir)... your car is instantly rendered static-free! There are no moving parts, no battery to replace, and although the manufacturer makes no guarantees it seems that the Hello Kitty Static Electricity Key Holder will function as long as you do.

The Hello Kitty Static Electricity Key Holder is available for $14.00 plus $3.00 shipping from car.brando.com.hk . It's just one of thousands of Hello Kitty products playing on the popularity of Sanrio 's most popular character ever!

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

May 20, 2007
by Anonymous A. Carr (not verified)

Would Holding the "Hello Kitty" Key

also prevent explosions while pumping gas?