Help Opening Locks

How many times has it happened with you that when you return home after a long evening out, you end up spending minutes trying to get the key into the hole to open the door? Precious minutes, which could be have been spent under the warm covers of your bed. Not to forget the omnipresent threat of unwanted elements trying to snatch your purse or valuables while you keep trying to open the #@#$ door.

Greenfingers is promoting a unique Solar Keyhole Light, to help us out of just such a situation.

The Solar Keyhole Light is solar powered as the name suggests. Small and compact it can be used to light up key holes, door handles or entrances. No more fumbling in the dark, no dropping all the shopping, no putting down the baby while trying to open the door.

The device is powered by a solar powered by a low light lever solar panel which works for about 720 operations once charged fully. The color of the Solar Keyhole Light can be changed to suit your door. The available variants are in white, chrome or brass finish. Before you begin to despair over fitting such a sophisticated gadget on your door, let me tell you that it is really easy to fix this. Ladies, have a go, and husbands, go and do it, your wife will look at you with new eyes! The Solar Keyhole Light comes with adhesive pads, included in the package, or with screws which are sadly not included. But you can't' have it all, can you?

Long life lithium batteries ensure that The Solar Keyhole Light brightens up your doorways for years to come. At 5 x 4.5 cm in height, this small, yet stylish light will greatly enhance your door and home.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot