Hipper 50 -The Musical Egg

The Hipper - 50 is a beautiful new gadget to help you celebrate your Easter with the right note. The Musical Note!

This fashionable gadget is an iPod speaker. Simply plug in your MP3 player and watch it light up and change colors to the beat of your favorite music. It has 10 different LED lights to match the mood and tempo of your music. You can hear your melody through the internal 2Watt speaker located at the base of the unit.

The Hipper 50 has five different modes of lighting to give you the optimum mood. First of all, there is the music mode which causes the colors to change continuously to your music, whilst the Dynamic Mode causes the colors to change rapidly to your favorite music. The Soft Mode changes the colors softly while the White Mode is ideal for a night lamp.

So, strike the right note this Easter and celebrate it with the Hipper-50 iPod Speaker. It makes a great Easter gift for all music lovers too!

Available at iskins for $79.

Kavita Mathur
Gadgets Writer-My Blog