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For Home and Garden

This  section of our site features all home and garden related articles on InventorSpot.com.

Some of our more popular articles include:

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Magisso Tipping Teacup Allows You To Brew And Enjoy Without Added Accessories

If you love loose leaf tea, but hate fumbling around with infusers there’s an option you may not have considered or even known about. The Magisso Tipping Teacup’s inventive design eliminates the middleman and gives tea enthusiasts the opportunity to brew and enjoy without added accessories.

The Wonderbag Takes Slow Cooking To A New Level

Wonderbag Eco Slow Cooker moves slow cooking into the 21st Century by saving money and energy since it doesn't need to be plugged in all day. Not only that you can take it with you in the car or the RV and it will continue cooking while you put in some miles on your road trip or getting your special chili to the tail-gate party.

PEEL Lamp From Japan Adds A New Dimension To Night Lights

The PEEL Lamp is an innovative night light from Japanese design duo YOY. This unique electrical fixture utilizes an ultra-thin OLED light source to create the illusion of another, brighter world lurking just beyond our own.

Terrarium/Display Lamp Does Double Duty

For many household space is limited, so anything that can make small spaces go further is a sought-after option. With this clever lamp the clean, modern lines can suit just about any decor and the base can double as a terrarium to add a bit of plant life for the environment, or as a small display case for collectibles or found treasures.

The Ultimate Chopsticks For Inept Westerners

Being able to eat with chopsticks is a skill that many of us in the Western world aspire to, much to the amusement of Asians everywhere. After all, where they have been successfully feeding themselves this way for several millennia, many of us could starve to death trying to gain the manual dexterity needed. Now we have an intermediate option with ForkChops 3-in-1 Eating Utensils.

Ice Cube Tray With A Polar Bear Twist

This new style of ice tray has a definite twist. First of all it looks like a polar bear that was the victim of a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong what with ten legs and a snout that looks more like it came from a pig. Second, it is a cool idea for those of us who don't have an icemaker built into our refrigerator or freezer.

Lucky Buddha: Time To Start Upcycling Beer Bottles Instead Of Recycling

More and more people are getting into recycling these days and if they don't have home pick-up, then they haul it to the nearest recycling center. Then there is upcycling. That is taking an item and turning it into something new without having to reduce it to a bulk form for use in manufacturing. One of the cool products that has come out of upcycling is this cute and kitschy Lucky Buddha Glass, made from old bottles from Lucky Buddha Beer.

Take A "Stand" For Self Defense

No matter which side of the gun debate you fall on, the truth is that you want to be able to defend yourself in case of an intruder in some way. Now you can go no further than the bedside table and don't need to hide that old baseball bat under the bed. If you have the Self Defense Night Stand you are seconds away from being ready for combat.

What's The Least Expensive Way to Get A Smart Home?

A look at the least expensive way, for now, to start on your path to smart home. We will take a look both at the least expensive of the custom system options that are out there and how you might want to hookup with your wi-fi carrier in your area to get the best deal on the start to a smart house. Just be ready for some DIY steps if you do.

Remote Control "Sugoi Mop" From Japan Turns Gamers Into Cleaners

The remote control “Sugoi Mop” from Japan's Kyosho Egg combines the best features of an old-fashioned floor sweeper and an r/c racing car. It might not be the best mop around but at least it'll help lazy gamers get with the program.