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For Home and Garden

This  section of our site features all home and garden related articles on InventorSpot.com.

Some of our more popular articles include:

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Shower Away Dull Hair And Problem Skin With The Jonathan Product Beauty Water Purification System.

These days it seems like all anyone drinks is bottled or filtered water, yet we still shower in the same old dirty tap water. The Jonathan Product Beauty Water Purification System allows you to shower in pH balanced, chemical and heavy metal free water.

Does Your Garden Look Like A War Zone? Then Plant A Few Flower Grenades

With spring comes the time to take care of the outdoor spaces that we have ignored all winter. For those who love to garden it is a time they have looked forward to with gusto. For those who aren't so inclined they would rather do just about anything else. Now the non-gardeners have a new, unusual, and wild option -- with Flower Grenades.

Your Potted Plants Can Light Your Way

Outdoor lighting is a great addition to your home to help create an outdoor living space or to add an extra element of security. Not everyone has the capability to engage in a big handyman project and not everyone has the ground available right where they want the light to put in a string of those solar lights. To put the light right where you want it and save space at the same time you can get these great pots that use LED lights and batteries and/or AC power to light up the world.

Showcasing The Best Of The 2013 International Home + Housewares Show

Although the 2013 International Home + Housewares Show has come and gone, the convention’s 2,000+ exibitors from 35 nations left us with a massive hoard of innovative goodies. While there’s no way that I’d be able to share everything that was presented in Chicago’s ultimate new product party, but here are a few especially cool things that caught my eye at this year’s event:

Chop And Store With Mocubo Bamboo Cutting Board's Handy Prep Drawers

The Mocubo One Stop Chop is a durable bamboo cutting board with one very handy modification. The board has three slide out food prep containers underneath.

If Garden Space Is In Short Supply Try Going Vertical

Between the continuing financial crisis and concerns over GMO foods, more people are turning to urban farming as a way to save money and ensure the quality of their food. Not everyone has a lot of acreage to be spreading out across the land. There are ways around this problem -- such as the Free Standing Vertical Garden from Williams-Sonoma.

Want Off The Grid? This Clockwork Lamp Is For You

Electricity is expensive. And when a squirrel hits a transformer or snow takes down power lines you are left in the dark hoping the candles don't run out. Now you can still have light whenever you want it for free with the First Light reading lamp -- except for the cost of the lamp itself. This cool lamp is powered by a clockwork mechanism instead.

Grow Your Own Beer

Brewing your own beer has been a really hot hobby for quite a few years. While this often makes commercial brands seem a bit anemic, real beer connoisseurs are in heaven. So what comes next for that beer brewer with OCD? Well, getting out and growing your own ingredients for the beer of course. DuneCraft makes it easy for the neophyte gardener with a kit to help you grown the plants in a terrarium.

Baby-shaped Pears Add Human Element To Chinese Supermarket's Produce Section

Baby-shaped pears or a pair of babies... why not both! Chinese fruit farmers are using molds to produce cute but creepy pears that look just like babies: peaceful, serene, closed-eyed visages and all.

Think Higher - The Levitating BAT Mouse

Is your wrist sore from pushing a mouse around all day at your computer? Well, with the BAT Levitating Mouse, you can live in the future and prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome at the same time. But you'll have to lift more than a finger to do it.