Mr. Hoyos Lives A La Lata

So before you question Mr. Hoyos intentions or curse him out for not using more environmentally friendly binding material like bamboo, hemp rope or something of this nature you should stop and consider what he is trying to do. Also remember this chair is only prototype. This means there is still room for making it more environmentally friendly if he ever decides to do so. But whether he does or doesn't, he is still designing a handmade product that can help provide many job opportunities for many people.

How non-earth friendly are twisty ties? The twisty is made of up a thin wire usually made of steel and steel alloy's.The covering can consists of light paper to light paper and plastic covering. The twisty ties used on this chair are made of plastic covering. For an interesting survey on twisty ties go to Usability Survey of a Twisty Tie.

Also consider that are many green products out there that are not 100% green. For example, CFL light bulbs contain mercury. Seventh Generation, one of my favorite brands, uses regular plastic containers for their products instead of biodegradable plastic containers. Some magazines publish issues on sustainable green living and yet the magazine themselves are not printed on recycled paper nor is the ink used environmentally friendly. There are plenty of green products out there that still have a lot of room for improvement, but that shouldn't stop any of us from trying to make this a better world. If you would like to read more about the A La Lata chair visit Treehugger or Inhabitat.

Note: What does A La Lata mean? The literal translation- to the can- but as a Colombian phrase it means to do something spontaneously with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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