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Wagon for 2Wagon for 2Two years ago we were looking for alternatives to a double stroller. We've always loved to go for walks but neither my three year old nor my 1 1/2 year old (at the time) liked being strapped into a stroller.

There weren't that many choices out there at the time since we wanted something that we could easily put in our car. We came across (and ended up buying) the Step 2 Direct Wagon for Two. It was one of the best purchases we made. But our Wagon for Two had room for a couple of improvements (for example, I wish it had better wheels).

Two companies have recently come out with wagons for two. Fisher Price has come out with the Kid Utility Vehicle (KUV) and Step 2 Direct has come out with the T3 Traveler (T3). Step 2 claims to have redefine the wagon and stroller with this new hybird design. I think Fisher Price falls into this new category too. Both claim that they are for active families. Which one to buy? It’s nice to have so many choices.

KidutilityvehicleKidutilityvehicleKid Utility Vehicle by Fisher-Price

This is Fisher-Price’s description of the KUV:

Transport two children in comfort and style in this rugged, ultra-portable, easy-to-fold-flat wagon! Perfect for active families, the Kid Utility Vehicle features machine-washable padded seats with 3-point restraint harnesses; convenient seatback pockets carry children’s on-the go essentials! Adjustable shade canopies provide maximum comfort for little riders. Snap them on when you need them, off when you don’t.

Designed to fold so it fits in the back of your family vehicle: durable, smooth-ride wheels easily fold up and under the frame; seatbacks fold flat, too! Equipped with Active Gear™ accessory bag attachment clips that let you custom-expand your pack and carry options—just pack, clip…and you’re on the go! Part of the Active Gear line of family products and accessories. Maximum Weight is 135 lbs (Active Gear™ accessory bags sold separately and subject to availability.)

KUV FlatKUV FlatThe Kid Utility Vehicle costs $150. The KUV is suppose to be sold at Babies 'R Us and Toys 'R Us stores but I could not find it at those stores and I also could not find it anwhere on Amazon. I called Fisher-Price's customer service and they said that the KUV is so new that some of the stores don't have it in stock yet. I asked when it would be available. The customer service person wasn't helpful. So I leave you with the link to Fisher-Price.

If you must have it, my advice is to call your Babies 'R Us and Toys 'R Us stores and see when its coming in. Also, I went to check it out because it seems like it would be a pain in the a-- to fold completely. So makes sure it won't take you 15 minutes to collapse the whole thing before you commit.

T3 TravelerT3 TravelerT3 Transport by Step 2 D

DirectStep 2 Directs' description of the T3 Transport is as follows:

This compact two-seater wagon is lightweight, durable, and loaded with innovative features. You'll love transitioning from a stroller to this sleek new wagon, which sports a metallic-look frame, durable wheels with no-tip steering, a center post with hand grips, and more!

• Contoured seats comfortably accommodate one or two children

• Front-swivel EVA tires glide smoothly and silently on all types of terrain

• Foam-covered back supports and seat belts provide a comfortable and secure ride

• Lightweight folding design and molded-in handle make carrying easy

• Center post with hand grips accommodates included umbrella, which can be stored on the handle when not in use

• Molded-in cup holders fit cups, cans, or juice boxes

• Max weight: 75 lbs

• Fully assembled durable plastic body is maintenance-free and lasts for years

T3 FlatT3 FlatThe T3 Two-Seater Wagon costs $89. I was able to find the T3 at Toys R Us. I stuck my two boys in it and took it for a ride. This is what I found out. It was a tight squeeze for them. Both my boys are over 40 inches and around 40lbs. The safety belt barely fit around them (but it did fit). Also, the handle is made out of metal so when I went to walk away, I tried to lean it up but it just smacked my kid in the head (and its metal so he kind of screamed at me). The plus side is that it was so easy to collapse and it is really easy to manuver. To find out more about the T3, click here .

Let me know if you buy either of these products and how you like it.


Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

New Design?

I think the handle would be better in the MIDDLE so that the person pushing the stroller would be able to see both kids and vice versa. The wheels could be repositioned as well.

Jul 2, 2007
by melinda (not verified)

Fisher Price Double stroller KUV

They have it at SEARS. I just saw one tonight and love it! Going back tomorrow to get it for my son. He's alsoa little  tall for his age (3 1/2 and 43 inches). I loved the roomy seats!

Aug 10, 2007
by B + C's mom (not verified)

Fisher Price KUV

The KUV is WONDERFUL!!!  Holds about double the weight of any other double stroller or wagon out there.  Holds my 6yo cousin who weighs about 55lbs or so and my 35lb cousin and they LOVE being in it.  It folds down to NOTHING, it's fantastic.  The only problem is that if you go someplace like Disney with it, they won't let you in the parks because people step over the kids in line...can you imagine?!?!?  But other than that, it is wonderful and roomy.

Aug 18, 2007
by Mommy of 4 (not verified)

Fisher Price KUV

I cannot say enough good things about this stoller. I have a 3 1/2 year old and 2 1/2 year old, and they hate being in strollers. Once I bought this stroller, they loved it. We travel a lot, and I am a single mom, so it is tough traveling with small children. The girls' car seats fit into this stroller, which makes it a lot easier getting from the car at the airport, to the check in counter. Even my 14 year old son likes this stroller, since the seats are large enough for him to sit in, when he gets tired. (He is WAY over the weight limit though!!) I get so many compliments anytime I use this stroller, and people are always asking me where I got it from. I thought the folding part would be tough, but it is very simple, once you know what you are doing. Another good thing about this stroller is that is fits through the security belts when going through the airport. My last stroller didn't, and took the double time to get through those security check points. The price is very reasonable also. My kids will be using this stroller for a long time!!Smile

Aug 25, 2007
by Mom2_3 (not verified)

Did you take this to Disney?


I am looking at going to Disney with my 5 and 3yr old and with as much walking as they are required to do we thought it might be nice to have something for them.  They are both about 45lbs and this KUV seems like a nice fit for us.  I was looking at your post and saw that you couldn't take it in.  Is that true?  What happened?  Thanks for sharing.