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Long associated with power and extreme in-efficiency, the Hemi engine is getting a hybrid makeover. Chrysler has just announced that their 2008 flagship SUVs, the Dodge Durango and the Chrysler Aspen, will have a gasoline/ electric hybrid version of their powerful 5.7 liter V8 Hemi engine.

Despite their rather inefficient reputation, the hemispherical combustion chamber design, from which the Hemi derives its name, is actually quite an efficient design. The centrally located spark plug allows for a more even burn of fuel, and the valves, because they are not parallel, can be larger, allowing more air to flow into the chamber. This larger volume of air has traditionally been used to generate more power; however, now that power is being used to increase fuel mileage.

The new hybrid Hemi will be mated with electric motors that will allow the gasoline engine to be shut off when the vehicle is stopped. Further improving fuel economy, half of the engine's eight cylinders will shut down when their power is not needed. Chrysler claims that the hybrid Hemi's fuel economy will improve 40 percent in the city over the traditionally powered Chrysler Hemi, and a 25 percent improvement in overall gas mileage, despite its 345 horsepower.

This is great news for people who need a powerful truck for hauling and towing, but still care about their fuel economy. In terms of fuel efficient SUVs, the hybrid Hemi engine may just make trucks so powered serious market contenders. American car companies have to improve fuel efficiency if they want to have a hope of competing against Japanese manufacturers. Still, with DaimlerChrysler entertaining bids for the Chrysler brand, taking their trucks green may be too little effort far too late.

S. Daniel Ackerman
Guest Blogger