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Play & FreezePlay & FreezeIce cream anyone? Kind of a confusing question if you are just looking at a picture of a blue ball. Actually, its a manual ice cream maker - The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker by UCO. That's right - no electricity. Good thing UCO was kind enough to create it into the shape of a ball. So instead of mixing it by hand, you just roll it along.

Here are the instructions:

1. Fill the ice end with as much ice as possible, then add rock salt.

2. Mix up your ice cream ingredients in a container, then pour mix into the end with the metal cylinder.

3. Have a ball. Shake, roll and pass it around as you mix and freeze the ingredients.

4. After about 10 minutes open the ice cream end. Scrape the sides of the cylinder to mix up the ice cream using a plastic spatula or wooden spoon (don’t use a metal spoon as it will scratch the cylinder). Then check the ice end. If you notice the ice appears to be melting, pour out the excess water and add more ice. You may also need to add more rock salt to enhance the freezing ability. Close the lids securely and continue shaking for approximately 5–10 more minutes.

5. You now have about a pint of delicious soft-serve ice cream. The consistency will vary based on the ice, your mix, the outside temperature, shaking frequency, etc. Once the ice cream is to the consistency of your liking, gently scoop it out and Enjoy!

It comes in blue, orange, red (shown), green, pink and purple. It comes in two sizes - pint and quart. You can purchase it at Amazon .

We actually purchased the Freeze and Play Ice Cream Maker and then went back to return it after we thought about it a while. It seems great in concept but a pain in the a-- to make. Some people that reviewed this product just thought it was the most incredible fun thing. Others complained that you need a lot of ice and the hole is too small to fit in traditional ice cubes from the ice tray and that it was hard to get the ice cream out (they don't provide a scoop). People also complained about the little amount of ice cream you end up with (pint) so UCO makes a quart size too. I would love to hear back from someone who has used this product.

Anyone think this product would be handy if you're stuck and bored in a blackout during hurricane season?



Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Play and Freeze

This is NOT for intolerant people who lack toes.

Jun 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Round like a ball is okay, BUT

Shouldn't it be CONE shaped?