idea2products - Your Outsourcing Partner in China

We have experienced industrial designer team plus plenty of facilities to turn your idea to prototype till products:

Our Tools:

3D(Dimension) Surface (Exterior) & Internal Structure Design: Pro/E, UG.

Rapid Prototyping: SLA, CNC.

Integrated Circuit Design: Protel, OrCAD.

We respect the privacy and exclusiveness of your idea. No matter it's small like a needle or complicated like a robot (not all kinds of robots though).
idea2products - Your Outsourcing Partner in China

David Song
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Services Provided

Optional pending on the stage of your project:

R&D (Research & Development);

3D Designs;

Rapid Prototyping;


Mass Production


Terms of Service

Fees & Rates?

Oh, to make a needle is surely different comparing to make a robot. The cost also varies pending on the different stages of your project: R&D (Research & Development) stage? 3D designs? Rapid Prototyping? Tooling? Mass Production stage? An estimation on the cost of your project involve three actions:

1) Preparing a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) for us to sign;

2) Providing detailed description with drawings on your project (together with rough prototype if available);

3) You got our estimation(s) or NAY if we can't help.