IdeaWatch 2.0: Money Waiting for an Idea

If you’ve ever started a business, you know the drill…figuring out how to finance your company while you get yourself up and running. Retirement fund? Family and friends? Credit cards? Bank or government loan? Venture capitalist? The options are numerous, but the pain is the same. It’s never fun to put yourself or your earth-shaking idea on the line to shill for a few bucks (or a few million).

Business 2.0 magazine has made that process a little easier by releasing a list of 20 ideas that prominent venture capitalists are itching to finance. These aren’t just good ideas in which a rich person has a passing interest…these are specific projects that specific people want to give a specific amount of money to.

You can read all the details here , but to whet your appetite, here’s a summary of what investors are looking to fund RIGHT NOW, and how much they’re willing to spend (all idea descriptions copyright Business 2.0):

  • $5 million for “an in-dash computer with a keyboard built into the steering wheel and a full-screen heads-up display projected on the windshield.”
  • $3 million for “a database package with designs to up-end the big players in the market.”
  • $4 million for “a next-generation battery called an ultracapacitor that charges in seconds, not hours, and can power a multitude of devices.”
  • $2 million for “a lithium-ion battery with five times the life of anything found in cell phones, PDAs, or cameras.”
  • $5 million for “a web-based spreadsheet platform for revenue forecasting and analysis.”
  • $10 million for “an implantable wireless devices capable of 24/7 patient and data monitoring for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.”
  • $10 million for “a team of researchers that can identify, patent, and market new uses for prescription drugs with expiring patents.”
  • $2 million for “delivery of new types of Web search to mobile phones, including voice recognition.”
  • $3 million for “an application that delivers GPS-enabled ads and coupons piped to your mobile phone at just the right time and place.”
  • $5 million for “text-messaging software that allows local merchants to send offers to mobile phones.”
  • $6 million for “an online marketplace/auction that automates the sale of product placement for Hollywood studios.”
  • $2 million for “a website that finds placement opportunities for companies to insert ads into video blogs.”
  • $10 million for “a social-networking site that operates as a bona fide marketplace, with members buying and selling their own creations as much as they blog, link, and post.”
  • $4 million for “a web-based video editing service that allows users to combine their own videos with a library of licensable clips and music to create video mashups online.”
  • $5 million for “a design scheme for a community of affordable new homes, packed with luxury amenities and based on green values.”
  • $5 million for “concierge-grade automated trip planning over the Web.”
  • $1 million for “an enviro-friendly office-maintenance service.”
  • $10 million for “a device that can identify new types of hospital-borne infections in just a few hours.”
  • $3 million for “a Web-based service that helps small online publishers choose the most profitable way to sell their ad inventory.”
  • $5 million for “the next massively multiplayer online hit.”

It’s that easy! OK, so it’s not, but hey, how often do you get someone asking to give their money away? If you’ve got the know-how, why not?

Tim Whitney
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Mar 28, 2007
by George Isabella (not verified)

Electricity Generation

I am an electrical engineer, and I own a small Process Control and Automation company.  I have designed a new and innovative electical generation system, which will revolutionize the way that the world produces electricity.I am new to the CLEAN act, and the Advanced Energy Initiative, and I would like some direction as to how I can get funding to produce the first model.  Please contact me with any information/direction on how/where to apply for funding.  This will be a world-wide revolution in electricity generation, and a major reduction in the global warming attributed to electricity generation.  Thank you.Regards,George Isabella

Mar 28, 2007
by Anita (not verified)


$5 million for “a web-based spreadsheet platform for revenue forecasting and analysis.”

Do I qualify if I just show them Google Spreadsheets?  Seriously though, this was the only one that stood out as being odd.  Most of the large budgeting packages are available in either online or offline versions.  Maybe I'm missing what they're looking for.