The receivers training pole

The receivers training pole

Erik Thompson – 40 – Detroit – Factory worker
And his buddy.

Invention: The receivers training pole.
Teaches players to catch the ball out front. Cost him $30 bucks to make. Lot’s of energy.

Ed. Yes
Mary. Yes.
Doug. Looking at the volume, not the big wow. NO
Peter. Good. Potential. Struggling with the volume. Yes.

BOOM! On to the next round.

Fun idea. Nearly takes out the host on the way out.

“ingenuity, creativity over the top baby.” We made it man”


Mar 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Boom all the way.

Boom all the way.

Mar 28, 2006
by austin85

are you kidding!

It would be great for the little pop warner stuff but really how many people are going to use this product?

Mar 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I'm not sure there is a big

I'm not sure there is a big market for this,
but sillier things have sold. My real concern
is the inventor. It appeared (before entering
the judging) that he was bragging about leaving
his 6 kids for this invention. That should not
be rewarded.

Mar 29, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think the sports world

I think the sports world will pick this up and run with it!
Training is the beginning and technique is the ending.

Mar 30, 2006
by WENDY (not verified)



Mar 31, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Who is asking for a reward?

Who is asking for a reward? I thought he was leaving his children like everyone else for a better, brighter future.
There are a lot of men and women who left children to go fight a war that may never come back. (WERE THEY BRAGGING TOO?)I DON'T THINK SO, SAY SOMETHING GOOD!

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


There is a market for this. Maybe it isn't as big as some of the others, but there is a market. Football players at EVERY level will consistantly try to catch the ball in their chest and seem to try to refuse to use their hands.

Erik Thompson's passion is also very powerful.

Apr 21, 2006
by Sandi (not verified)

Potential market for this product...

For people who don't think there is a big market for this item (according to Wikipedia) there are 32 NFL teams and 701 college football teams. Add to that the more than 50 football camps I found on the Internet in a 10 minute search, 1000's of high school football teams, and 10,000's little league teams (I was unable to find an exact number), based on my limited search there are more than 40,000 teams across the county, this does not even take into account the number of individuals that might wish to use this product to improve their skills and the market becomes potentially huge if marketed right with proven results.

Apr 23, 2006
by Clair Voyant (not verified)

After "Pleasantville"

While I don't doubt that some people might buy the "Catch", I wonder what will happen soon afterward. That is, after the hype and novelty wear off, what reality will be left???

My predictions are:

(l) Parents will RETURN the now-used "Catch" to the place of purchase and claim that it "didn't work"!

(2) Parents will RETURN the now-used "Catch" to the place of purchase and request a refund, showing that it was BROKEN in no time.

(3) Parents will RETURN the now-used "Catch" to the place of purchase, hoping to get their money back if the item did not get dirty during their child's brief use of it.

(4) School boys will TEASE the boys who need to wear it! It might be called the "football bra" or something. It will be similar to tricycle training self-respecting child will want to be seen wearing one. The boys who do wear it will be called "stupid", "loser", "bra-boy", pantywaist, and "girl".

(5) The "Catch" sits in tall stacks idle at a "Big Lots" or "Dollar Bargain" store.

(6) Boys see it and say, "I wouldn't wear one of these stupid things even if someone paid me!"

And don't expect each school district to be buying a lot of them since many/most athletic budgets are being cut, right?

Apr 23, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

How sad that this could win

To think that American Inventor could be won by a gimmicky looking, mediocre novelty device. Ed Evangelista is an idiot. Shame on him for putting this "catch" over a better shovel. ED Evangelista will be responsible for screwing up a great idea for a running show.
I dig Eric's energy but how wasted a spot at the top.