Apr 29, 2006
by 4ohn (not verified)

I'll take a Shapoopy!

This is a GREAT idea! I have been using a similar "Home-made" version using pvc pipe and grocery-bags for almost a year now. Main problems...
Wind - blows the bags inside out
Night - Hard to see
Storage - cumbersome to carry on long walks or jog with
Eco - putting the most biodegradable substance in a bag that won't decomposed for 10,000 years

I think this invention solves all of these problems, and if it is ever sold I will buy two.
Also, on another note, I think the comments the judges made did not consider the majority of the public that has to deal with their pet's wate in some form or another. This is a far more favorable solution (in my oppinion) over bending over and scooping.

Issues I would like to see solved...
Storage - where does the container go until you reach a trashcan?
multi-pet/use - multiple containers sored on the unit in case there is more than one need per walk.

Thanks, don't quit, I hope to buy one of these soon!