Inflatable Haunted House as PlayHouse

I love Halloween. Seriously, as a kid, what is better than knocking at someone's door and having someone hand you candy. When my oldest son was two years old, he got the hang of trick-or-treating a little too quickly. At the age of one, my youngest child had more candy from trick-or-treating than I ate the first 20 years of my life (no, he didn't eat all of the candy, he just accumulated it).

I love the decorations too. I came across this inflatable haunted house that looks like a giant playhouse. Its better than all those other inflatables they have out for Halloween because it does more than just sits there looking spooky. You can walk (or run) through it.

Inflatable Haunted HouseInflatable Haunted HouseIt is over 12.5 feet tall. There are many rooms: front foyer, main room, rear foyer and ghost tower. Scary gargoyles stand guard at the entrance way. There are spooky ghosts that await your arrival while lanterns adorn the entryway. The opening overhead in the main room is adorned with an eerie spider web. There are motion activated sound and lights. Creepy spiders and bats hang from the ceiling with flashing light up eyes that watch you. It self-Inflates in minutes and is weatherproof for indoor/outdoor Use.

To go to the cheapest place I found it that also has it stock ($499), click here. I read somewhere that Sam's Club was selling it for $200, but its not being sold online, so check out your local Sam's club first

Update:  This haunted house is no longer available. A smaller version is currently available on Amazon.

Happy Halloween


Oct 21, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Isn't it kind of dangerous

to blow up your own house?

Sep 7, 2008
by Anonymous


do you guys discount for schools??

Jan 31, 2009
by Anonymous


How cool and nice gosh seen one at a store & sometimes you just don't have the money to spend but at times I don't gotta pay bills and things was close to buying this at a store for my cousins to enjoy on hallowen most are so tiny and don't like the big haunted house we have & may this this much more not so scary and they may enjoy it.