Innovations for an Easier Life

As a mom, wife, woman, tutor and writer, I am one of the many people always on the look out for any innovation that makes my life easier to manage. I look for products that have more than one function and give me the maximum benefits for my investment. I want my products/services to have the capacity to make all my needs placed into one place so that the smaller inconveniences in my life are easier to handle. This way, I can spend more time with my family and do my job more efficiently.

My favorite innovations are the ones I regularly use and materialistically cannot live without. They help me balance my life as a multitasking woman.

Canon Pixma MP780Canon Pixma MP780The Canon Pixma MP780 is the top on my list. It is the perfect multifunction printer for a home office or small business like mine. It is a sturdy multifunction printer with scanning, color printing, faxing and copying capabilities. I would not have much of an office without it. It isn't the first multifunction printer to exist, but it is what I consider to be the best all-in-one printer I have come across thus far.

It allows me to do what other multifunction printers do not, such as the ability to fax and print great looking photos directly from my camera while the computer is off. I prefer to download the pictures onto my computer email them to everyone and then print a few pictures, but it is nice to know that if I ever need to mail a picture in quickly for an assignment I can just attach my camera to the printer and print nice clear professional pictures.

In the year that I've owned the Canon Pixma MP780 I haven't had a problem. I no longer have to have separate machines crowding up my office space either. I can spread out and work now that I have a lot more counter top to use. The MP780 is also easy to use. For example, it's easy to add paper and receive and send faxes. I can print double sided pages as well. This saves me a lot of paper. It also doesn't shake or make a lot of noise when it prints and the ink can easily be replaced when needed, one cartridge at a time. I use my Canon Pixma MP780 from the comfort of my home at the hours that I chose and though it took me some time to save up the $249 (free shipping) that it cost me, it was worth every penny and has made working from home much easier. (Innovation here.)

A couple of things on my innovations wish list are the Gateway CX210X Convertible Notebook and the Regal Pocket DV168 Digital Camcorder.

Gateway CX210XGateway CX210XWhen it comes to the Gateway CX210X Convertible Notebook I see many added possibilities to my day to day life, as well as advancements in my career. I know that laptops have had multifunction capabilities for many years now and that the purpose of creating laptops was for easy portability, unlike a desktop computer, but until now I had not come across a laptop that was portable, flexible, easily converted into a tablet and had the functions of a tape recorder.

This convertible notebook has been designed for everyone: students, business people, work-at-home people (like me) and I want it. I've waited for the day when I could just take a pen to my laptop screen and handwrite my journals, my notes, my outlines and my to do lists, like I would to any of my regular notebooks. I would save paper (help the environment), save space (paper notebooks no longer needed) and save hair (finally organized). The day is here! What is even better is that the CX210X has the ability to recognize handwriting. In other words, if I were to take a stylus to the screen and take notes from an interview, lecture, for research or for any other purpose the CX210X would recognize my ugly handwriting and convert it into notes.

With the extended battery life of 9.5 hours and the easy to shift screen (side to side, round and upside down) I can take notes most of the day, if I needed to. Did I mention the built in microphone I can use for interviews or recording ideas? In addition I get to do all the other regular computer stuff (ex: check email) at the same time. What's the price for this convenience? $1299.99. It's pricey yes, but I'd have this over a diamond necklace any day. (Innovation here.)

Regal Pocket DV168Regal Pocket DV168The Regal Pocket DV168 Digital Camcorder is another one of those convenient innovations I'd really like to own, but wouldn't necessarily need. I would definitely place it on my "this is what I want" list, if anyone were to ever ask.

The DV168 is a multifunction pocket sized camera with a digital video camcorder, a digital still camera, a PC webcam, a mass storage device, a voice recorder, and a MP3 player all-in-one! With this I would have the ability to record funny family moment, video diaries, short documentaries and take professional photographs for work without having to mess with the bulk of individual items that are usually needed to do all these jobs.

This isn't just a low quality multifunction camera either. Still photographs have up to a 6.6 Mega pixels resolution and can be enlarged to a A3 size without pixelization problems. A pixel is the smallest unit of an image. In other words, if I happen to take a very good picture, but took it too far away causing the objects in the picture to be small, I could enlarge it without distorting the picture because the image would still be clear. I can't do that with the digital camera I have now.

The DV168 also has MPEG-4 encoding technology which allows for longer and higher recording resolution video clips so that the video clips come in clearer too. Video and photographs can also be played back on my television. This is a feature I'd use for presentations or when family visits. I found the retail price ($499.95) of the camera to be expensive, but did notice that various websites had it on sale. If the right price comes along I think it's worth a try. You can buy this innovation here for a lot less than the retail price.

I'd like to think that I could live and properly function without products like the ones I mentioned above and in reality I really could. In fact, I have, but I'm not going to deny that having them would make what I already do on a daily basis much easier and faster to do. I admit, convenience is a nice luxury to have and if I can try it, I will.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Guest Blogger


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