Innovations for the Environmentalists and the Gardeners

Innovations for the Environmentalists and the Gardeners

Did you know that over 30% of landfill waste could be composted and provide valuable nutrients to plants, but instead the waste is thrown in the trash and sent to landfills?

Whether you're an environmentalist, a parent wanting a better world for her children, an avid gardener or just curious, turning waste into compost has become easier for all of us to do. Compost is a mixture of various decaying organic substances, such as dead leaves, cut grass, kitchen scraps or manure, used for fertilizing soil.

Many composting products have been made and continue to be improved upon for the kitchen, the restroom as well as the yard. Thanks to these products, composting can be made faster, easier, healthier, smaller cheaper, with NO or little odor. From compost toilets, kitchen scrap bins, to "worm tea" - what was once waste is now nourishing our gardens and our yards.

1. BioLet's Composting Toilet

This Award Winning Composting toilet has received a gold medal at the International Inventors' Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. No water, no sewer and no chemicals are needed. There are also no odors. The toilet is designed so that there is a constant air flow into the toilet. There is also no need for special toilet paper. Using regular toilet paper is fine. What makes this composting toilet better than others? The compost from Biolet XL has 9 times less fecal coliform bacteria than the compost from other composting toilets. This is what makes it so much safer to handle. The toilet compost can be added to your garden and yard (avoid using this type of compost in your food garden because compost made with manure may carry newer strains of bacteria that cause food-born illnesses). Using human waste as compost may feel a bit extreme to some. However, in places where there is no sewage or septic system, they are already being used. And for places that do have sewage systems that are continuously blocked and causing hazard this may be the something to consider in the near future. (See Composter)

2. Kitchen Composting: MaxAir Kitchen Composter

Tired of all the fruit flies and the disgusting garbage disposal smell? Throw your organic kitchen scraps (banana peels, apple skins, carrot ends, potato peels, etc.) into the MaxAir Kitchen Composter. The odor free container can be placed under your sink and is lined with a compostable / biodegradable bag that is taken out when full and thrown into a composting pile or bin outside. The bag and the scraps will not begin composting until they are placed in a larger composting bin with composting conditions. (See Composter)


3. Ceramic Kitchen Compost Crock

For a more fashionable statement, you can purchase instead one of the counter top ceramic or steel crock bins like the Kitchen Compost Crock. The bin holds about a weeks worth of scraps in a 1.25 gallon interior. The smooth ceramic surface is not supposed to stain or absorb odor. Carbon filters also prevent orders while letting air circulate to prevent rotting. It is dishwasher safe and the filters can be replaced about every 6 months.(See Composter)

* In most cases placing meats, fats, or animal waste into any composting piles is not advised.


4. Compostable Biodegradable Lawn & Leaf Bags

After you finish cutting your lawn with your new solar powered lawn mower you can continue being friendly to mother earth by letting the clipping decompose right were it lies or if you're a neat nick you can use BioBags. BioBags are certified compostable and biodegradable by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. These bags are made from corn and other renewable resources. Throw the bags into your compost bin where they will biodegrade over a few days. Then feel good about yourself for not adding more plastic bags to our landfills and for adding to the nutrients of your compost pile. (See Composter)


5. The Garden Gourmet Composter

The Garden Gourmet Composter is made of 100% recycled black plastic which helps soak up solar heat and helps speed up the composting process. Easy access doors allow for easy compost removing and adjustable vents provide proper air flow. Scraps can be easily added through a smaller flip door. This compost bin is 39 inches tall and 29 inches square. Because the compost is completely closed, odors are not a problem. (See Composter)


6. Pyramid Composter

The pyramid composter holds 77 gallons, is made of 100% recycled plastic and in addition has a rain-catching pyramid lid that catches rain. Forgetting to add water will no longer be a problem. You can also open the lid with one hand and dump your scraps with the other. Don't worry the lid is attached so that it wont blow away. An easy access door in the back makes it easy to remove finished compost and tiny vent also allow oxygen to go in without letting out the heat. If you are having trouble with rodents around your compost bin you can also use the optional rodent screen. (See Composter)


7. Blue Planet Smart Compost Bin

The Blue Planet Smart Compost Bin is inspiring. Every time you add a scrap to it you can think of it as giving back to the earth. The concept, like most other compost bins, is the same: to turn waste into compost, but instead of mixing it yourself it has four paddles built inside, with handles on the outside. This easily allows mixing all the material inside.(See Composter)




8. The Green Cone

The Green Cone basket and inner cone is made of 100% recycled plastic. 28 inches of the cone are above ground and 17 inches (the digestion chamber) is below the ground. It is solar heated and helps eliminate waste into water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of residue. The water is absorbed by the soil and can handle 15-20 pounds of food scrap per week. The types of waste that can be added include: Fish, Red Meat & Poultry, All Bones, Bread, Fruit scraps, Vegetables scraps, Dairy produce, Cooked food scraps, Crushed egg shells, Tea bags and Animal excrement. This is the only product I've come across that allows meats, dairy products and animal waist to be added with other scraps. (See Composter)


9. Can-O-Worms Worm Composter

Want earthworms as pets? With this neat Can-O-Worms Worm Composter you can give your pet worms yummy kitchen scrap and they'll leave you some tea- worm castings in return. The Can-O-Worms is odorless, is made of recycled plastic, stands on 5 legs and is divided into several compartments or stacking trays. The worms "eat their way up" to the food and leave rich compost and "compost tea" behind to easily collect. The Can-O-Worms Worm Composter can be used inside your home our outside and can house thousands of worms at a time. Red Worms are advised for best results. (See Composter )


So you see recycling can be fun and beneficial in many ways. You'll feel good, your kitchen and bathroom will smell better, worms will get spoiled with yummy scraps, landfills will have less waste and -best of all- your entire garden will look beautiful thanks to these wonderful innovations. If you don't have a garden now, at least you know how to sustain it, if you ever want to start one.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Guest Blogger

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