Innovative Easter Gifts

Easter eggs, chocolates, bunnies, candy...the list for an Easter gift is endless. But if you are tired of buying the same old gifts or are racking your brains on what to get your friends or children this Easter? I'm here to share a few ideas that make for innovative Easter gifts and live up to the occasion in the real sense of the word.

The newest toy from Sega is a little chick. A robot chick that walks, cheeps, and looks quite the real thing. Battery operated, the cute, yellow little ball of fluff keeps chirping till picked up. Great for kids and lonesome adults who cannot be burdened with the responsibility of real, live pets. The only requirement of this chick is that someone keeps replenishing its batteries. I got to know about the Sega Toy Chick through Akihabara News.

In case the person you are thinking of getting gifts for is slightly more mature and willing to take on a little responsibility, the Nyokki Grass Head Pets could be just the right gift. An innovative Easter gift, these little ceramic pots have faces, hands and legs that make them look real.

The package includes a bit of soil and a few seeds. Once planted these seeds grow out of the top of the ceramic pot, looking a lot like hair. One can keep trimming and styling the grass ‘hair' as one wishes. Endless hours of innovative fun!

The third Easter gift idea I have in mind is really wacky. Though I do not like the idea much, kids would probably love this to death.

The Funny Bunny Pooper . This contraption is a toy bunny that jumps around, and hold your breath, poops all over the house. YUCK!!! Only saving grace being that the poo is jelly beans...innovative? Great gift idea? I would say yes on both counts.

So now that you have this list of innovative Easter gifts, go ahead and get them and see the smile on the faces of your loved pones.

Wishing you a Happy Easter.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot