Cooks Delight--Halogen Oven

Looking for a great contraption to lessen the time and effort spent getting a yummy meal to the table? The Halogen Oven by Morningware has a host of innovative features that would be the pride of any kitchen.

The Halogen Oven can cook without fats and oils and one can even cook food straight out of the freezer, no defrosting necessary. Apart from this, a few other cool and innovative features included are:

  • Cooks up to 50% faster than conventional ovens
  • Saves up to 75% more energy than conventional ovens
  • Cooks the inside of your food without burning the outside
  • Seals in juices that enhance the food's natural flavor
  • Smokeless, odorless and won't heat up the kitchen
  • Accommodates about 8 lbs of meat
  • Extender Ring allows cooking of up to 16lb turkey
  • Worldwide patented technology that uses infrared power head with interior light and conduction, convection & infrared rays

The oven comes with an easy-to-follow recipe book that would be a help for first time users. The reviews of the product are mostly favorable. The only requirement is a few trails before one gets it right. One needs to turn the food over during cooking to even out the process, inbuilt electronic signals help make the cooking process easy.

The Halogen Oven by Morningware is fast, safe, durable and really innovative. The oven measures 13.5Hx14Wx16.5L". The oven can be stored away when not in use.

So get ready to lessen the time you spend sweating inside the kitchen. You can get the oven here at Amazon.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
Inventor Spot

Apr 17, 2008
by Anonymous

Morningware Halogen Oven

I have recently purchased a Morningware Halogen Oven. Unfortunately before I got chance to use it the recipe book got lost during a house move. Would it be possible to get another recipe book?

Apr 24, 2008
by Anonymous

MORE recipes

Is there other recipes besides the book that came with the product? Or how do you convert a regular recipe for the Flavor Oven?

Aug 2, 2008
by Anonymous

love our oven

I have had a oven for a long time now and love it very much I cook most of my things in it . I don't need a big oven this is all you need . We love everything we cook and I wouldn't get it away to anyone it is my best thing we very bought .I would like to have a new cook book because my has been used it is falling apart ..thank you .
reply to my email

Aug 11, 2008
by Anonymous

halogan oven

can you cook frozen ready meals in a Morningware Halogen Oven