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Our Guest Blogger, Aditi Simlai Tiwari, is a never tiring, full time mother of two and part time writer. She is
always looking for new things to do and newer ways to do them in. She found some great items for the home that she wanted to share with readers of

Here's her article:

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For all scatterbrained people out there who just cannot organize the clutter created by books, music clothes and other paraphernalia lying around, hope lives in the form of a host of eclectic new storage devices. Designed by Louise Jones, these units promise utility with functionality and style. The hallmark of Louise Jones' design is that all her creations will fit into any decor with ease while being the focal point. Louise is inspired greatly by nature and tries to incorporate shapes and forms from nature in her creations. (Via

The first unit is a piece called "Slope". Inspired by roots, the biggest advantage of Slope is that one can continue to increase the size of ones music or book collection without worrying about storage space. Just keep adding more Slopes to your existing one and you'll never run out of space.



Another interesting piece of furniture is the "Branch". Striking in appearance, it can be used in homes, offices and retail units. The branch takes inspiration from a tree. The slanting branches are supported by a strong central column. The slant of the shelves ensures that items like books, CDs, or DVDs fall into each other and stack neatly. "Branch" is currently made of bendy ply, MDF and white laminate and has been awarded for its elegant style, and creative spirit.






"Stem" is what the designer has chosen to call her multi-purpose hanger. Made of stainless steel "Stem" is a set of hooks made out of a sheet of steel. The innovative idea of making set of hooks with ample storage space created above and inside simply by folding over a sheet of metal is ingenious and simplistic. The clean lines and play of light and dark in the piece make it a classic. Functionality is greatly increased by the random length of the hooks, which take inspiration from grass.


So go ahead and procure these new path breaking utilities and life will definitely be neater, tidier and full of chic and style.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Guest Blogger

Jan 22, 2009
by Anonymous

woderful ideas!

woderful ideas!