Chilled Drinks, Instantly!

It often happens with me that when I want a drink, the can is not cool, leave alone chilled. And by the time the freezer does its' magic on it, either I do not want the drink anymore, or something more urgent comes up and all ideas of having a drink go flying out of the window....

I just came across the Tinchilla Instant Can Cooler on the cybercandy website and by the looks of it; my search for a chilled drink might finally be over.
The product description is cool but quite basic. The Tinchilla Instant Can Cooler works on the principle of thermal conduction. One needs to drop in a handful of ice cubes along with a can into the Tinchilla. This simple machine then proceeds to spin the can at an optimized speed thereby chilling the metal of the can which is in contact with the ice cubes. The liquid inside goes into a whirlpool as a result of this high speed spinning and this whirlpool effect allows maximum volume of the drink to be exposed to the by now chilled surface of the can. The heat from the liquid/drink is rapidly transferred on to the ice outside.

Amazing, isn't it? And hold your breath, all this happens in just 60 seconds. Magic!

The Tinchilla Instant Can Cooler works with most 350 ml cans and gets them to ice cold from room temperature in under a minute. All it requires are two AA batteries and as I mentioned a handful of ice. It works 240 times faster than a conventional fridge. I thought about what would happen to the drink inside, especially if it is a fizzy one, after so much of spinning. The product reviews vouch for the fact that the cans open without any spraying or frothing! That's' like the icing on the cake!

Just place the unopened can of beverage into the Tinchilla, throw in a handful of ice cubes, switch on, leave for sixty seconds and a sensationally chilled serving of your favorite beverage is ready.

At $9.16 or £4.99 it is quite a steal. (Via (This item is no longer available but the Cooper Cooler is a good alternative.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
Inventor Spot

Mar 23, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Thin Ice....and an thin can

Either it is my imagination, or most aluminum cans these days are significant thinner and flimsier, and thereby subject to easy puncturing.  I have had a number of cans split open on the sides or, as I mentioned, easily puncture from only a little bump.  This machine may not be as useful as it sounds if the cans do, in fact, break.