Introduction to Tech Gone Awry

Matrix ShotMatrix ShotSome of you may have seen my work on, as a “Guest Blogger”, for example, my work on an Interactive Computer Face called VISO, as well as Virtual Police Lineup . In both examples, I experimented with a new style of blogging which I want to incorporate in all my blogs from now on.

Most technological blogs focus on some new gadget, and then give the specifications and other pertinent facts. What I attempt to do as Tech Gone Awry is take it to the next step. Every article I will write from now on is about a new technology that is under development, and includes a brief sci-fi story on how this new technology would change society.

With each story and facts, I try and address many important technological and societal issues associated whatever subject matter that I am covering. You and I are going to have a lot of fun as we look at the future, with all its possibilities, but good and bad. After every article/story that I write, feel free to add your own opinion in the comment section. I would like to collect opinions from others as far as what you think about the future.

Our humanity needs to conquer our technology! Otherwise, we will end up like this guy:

Tech Gone Awry
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