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Invention Gallery

The Invention Gallery is a FREE service where inventors can market and showcase their inventions with our visitors and potential marketing and licensing partners. Marketing your invention in our Invention Gallery can be helpful to inventors trying to get their inventions found by the various search engines.(Note: Submitting new inventions to the Invention Gallery is on hold temporarily.  We are  currently working on improvements to the Invention Gallery.Please check back in a few month.) Visit the Invention Gallery


Inventor Forum

The Inventor Forum is a great place for inventors, entrepreneurs, and other creative thinkers to hang out. Inventors can get advice and keep current on the latest news about inventor events. This invention forum, message board, chat room, community center or whatever else you want to call it is here for you. Have a question about doing a patent search, patenting your invention, prototyping, manufacturing, licensing, marketing, promoting your invention or invention idea or how to build your small business? This is the place for inventors to come and get the answers you need.(The forums are temporarily closed to new members as we try and upgrade the system. Please check back in a few months. We apologize for the inconvenience.)  Visit the Inventor Forum


InventorPages - Inventor Services, Resources and Provider Directory

The InventorPages is a free directory of companies that help inventors.  If you are a service provider to independent inventors, please feel free to submit your information to the directory.  We only ask that you provide a link on your website to let inventors know about InventorSpot.com. (Note:  The Inventor Service Directory  and the form for submitting your company to the Inventor Services Directory is  currently being upgraded. Please check back in a few month. Sorry for the inconvenience.)  Visit the InventorPages

If you've used a service provider that's listed in our Invention Service Provider Resource Directory, please comment on them. We need your honest feedback.

If you have a company you have had bad experiences with, warn others about them in our Scams and Cons Section of our Inventor's Forum.

If you are need helpful information (not people to provide service), check out our Helpful Resources List and our Helpful Books. You can find out how to finance your invention idea, do a patent search, file a patent, trademark your invention, do market research, manufacture your invention, how to market or license your inventions and so much more.

Looking for marketing and licensing partners for your invention? You can find helpful ideas and suggestions in our Inventor Forum.

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