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Apparel and Accessories

Chill Frill Pillowcase

The Chill Frill Pillowcase has helped more than 3,000 people stay warm at night, sleep better and save money on their gas bills. Do you know about the health risk when one's heart becomes overworked just by trying to keep the body warm? The health risk caused by lack of sleep is just as great.

Laundry Buddy: Laundry Sorter

34" high by 24" wide rotating laundry hamper with four doors and four removable mesh bags. This allows you to pre-sort your laundry as you go, no more sorting on laundry day. The Laundry Buddy will hold four full loads of laundry, so when one bag is full you simply pull it out of the buddy and dump the laundry into the washing machine. Made of wood it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture.

DAMPS Technology Footwear

DAMPS Technology Smart Boots utilize like pole, opposing super magnets in the heel of boots for advanced shock mitigation. A person can walk ten miles and their body will receive the equivalent motion shock of only three miles!!!