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Take-A-Seat 3-IN-1 Tailgating Bench, Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier

Take-A-Seat is your 3-in-1 seating, bike rack and cargo carrier solution.

The unique, patented design and convenience of Take-A-Seat is the tailgater's answer to bringing all of their needs to the big game, race or any outdoor event! Take-A-Seat transforms in to a 3-place bike rack and a handy carrier for coolers or other cargo.

Enjoy the world's first vehicle-mounted collapsible chair along with a bike rack and cargo carrier. See why it was voted top 24 finalist on ABC's American Inventor!


Carven Motor - Rotary Motion Device

Solving the minimum size and moving parts for device transforming a pressure input to a rotary output or vice versa.


NEW STRUCTURE Abstract of BG 63647 (B1) The gas distribution mechanism finds application in internal combustion engines, in particular in diesel engines and in other piston assemblies. It consists of intake and discharge plates with holes machined in them and connected to the stems, the cylinder head, with holes in it, matching the holes of the mobile cover of the cylinder, retracting springs of the stems, pressure springs and sealing ring of the mobile cover of the cylinder. In case of overall dimension changes due to temperature expansion and wearing, axial movement of the cover of the cylinder is ensured wherein the sealing ring ensures the airtightness of the assembly, allowing no leakage of fluids between the cover and the cylinder. The continuously pressed cover of the cylinder and the plate to the cylinder head by the pressing springs, ensure the airtightness of the assembly and in closed position no fluids can leak out from the intake and discharge plates. Details are not given in this description as they are confidential. Link to the patent publication : Link to the seller's website : Ask a question to the seller :

Doyle Rotary Engine

This is a rotary piston engine that is 11.5" wide and 18" diameter and has a displacement of 4181cc. It has one intake port, one combustion chamber, one injector, one spark plug one power port and one exhaust port. This is a rotary piston engines that uses ports instead of valves and has no reciprocating mass.

The Walker Rapid Wash System

Revolutionary All-in-One Car/ rim- Wash/ dryer System


Our unique car wash system reduces work and time needed to wash and dry your car with no need to change attachments. This car wash system will revolutionize the auto and recreational vehicle cleaning industry, and we are currently offering you the chance to profit with a great investment opportunity.


My Car Pet - Novelty Item

My Car Pet carpet creature is extremely cool and should be handled with care. This is not a kids toy. My Car Pet has been known to steal girlfriends, drink college frat guys under the table and generally make you look bad. Only adopt a My Car Pet carpet creature if you are confident in yourself and your relationships. Are you up for the challenge?

Multi Storied Car Park with Inclines Conveyance : Enhanced Car Parking System

New automated parking method for a multi storied building using an inclined hoist way.

EZ-Find! - Electronic Locator System

EZ-Find!® is like no other product on the market. It's sleek, high tech and affordable. Because it's expandable, it's continued usefulness is assured for years to come. As part of the fast-growing product category of electronic locators, the demand for EZ-Find!® is expected to rise with the increase of aging baby boomers, busy households and products getting smaller and harder to find.

Graphical Tail Light System - The New Generation of Car Tail Lights

Wow! What an eye candy decoration to your car, and more safer, ergonomic and innovative. This is realy the new generation of tail lights.

The Smart Belt : Car Safety Belt

The Smart Belt guarantees that motor vehicles move no faster than 10 miles per hour without confirmed seatbelt connection, and by using common automobile equipment.

Bodyguard - Body Protection for Mechanics

BODYGUARD is a revolutionary way to protect car mechanics while they are under a car. It is the only creeper with built-in FRAME PROTECTION.


COOL LED flash light that recharges in your car! Comes in 10 different colors.

Sports Themed Steering Wheel Locks

Sports themed steering wheel locks such as the famous "Club" product. All sports are patented, the patents available here are for hockey, golf, baseball, and cricket.

I have already spoken with Major League Baseball and they are open to providing licensing for this product. However, the company needs to be in business for about a year before they are willing.

It's a great new marketing idea on an existing product that is successful.

Floating Boat Garage

Tired of snapping on your pontoon or boat cover every time you get done with it? With a Conestoga Cover you just drive your pontoon or boat in and zip the end door shut. It floats next to your pier or dock over top of your watercraft protecting it from the sun and weather. Perfect for uneven or mucky lake bottoms.

Swing'N Load: Cargo Management System

The best way to carry groceries in your truck!

Ever have to load your groceries past the tailgate into the bed of your pickup truck? Ever have to climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve items that spilled out into the bed? With the Swing 'N Load these problems are solved!