Autos and Motors

FlashBox - Cars Communicator

The car is extending its vocabulary: drivers can set off a complicated series of light signals on their indicators in seconds. A new invention by an ingenious experimenter now means cars and lorries can say a lot more than just "Thanks" - the only thing the drivers have to learn is what the light signals mean.

Quick Clip - Sunglass Holder for Vehicle Visor

Tired of fumbling with the two handed visor clip to get your sunglasses while driving. Check out the next step up in the evolution of the visor clip.

DPX Systems Power Assist Drive Unit

Cordless drill power assist transmission unit with multi-positioning for placing unlimited objects into motion.

Radio Controlled Lawn Mower

A Radio Controlled Lawn Mower that I built in April-July 2006. I built it mostly out of spare parts only having to purchase the radio system and speed controllers.

Rapid Victim Extrication Tool

A hydraulic battery operated rescue tool that removes the front of the dash board of the victim of an accident. This is faster and safer than the jaws of life.

ParScooter - Electric golf cart scooter.

Ride and tow your golf clubs! The easiest and most fun way to play golf. Saves time and money too!

Revolutionary Tire Valve and Pressure Gauge

Canadian Inventor discovers new method in checking tire pressure without ever having to use an accessory tire pressure gauge again. Woman and child can now check their tire's pressure in seconds (hands free).

Trailer Tower

An ATV trailer that stands up to an observation tower by a single person very quickly (5 min). Used by hunters, law enforcment, sporting events, photography, etc. Latest version is playhouse has swing and slide that fold up into trailer. See videos at web site.

X-TREME GATE Slide Out Truck Bed

The product, X-TREME GATE, is a concept best described as the ultimate method of creating additional cargo space in your pick-up bed without removing the tailgate or damaging the appearance or value of the pick-up truck.

Solar Charged Electric Scooter/Vehicle

An electric scooter was modified to support solar panels for charging the on board batteries. Scooter has been driven for 1,100 miles without plugging into any other source. The panels fold out for charging while parked at work, and fold back in while riding on the road. Little change in road handling from original model.

Q-Track: Wireless Tracking

Wireless Real Time Locating System Q-Track's Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER(TM)) technology is fundamentally different from existing wireless technologies used for indoor tracking. According to Jerry Gabig, the CEO of Q-Track, NFER(TM) technology is more accurate, as well as less expensive, than other commercial wireless tracking technologies.

GoBo: Vehicle Projector

A unique accessory that projects your favorite logo next to your vehicle onto the ground as you drive at night. (See the Movie on website).

Johnnystand: Truck Workstation

A weather-proof workstation that travels flat then deploys at a 60 degree angle. There are 12 volt outlets for laptops and lighting. Johnnystand can even go thru commercial car wash and the contents stay 100% dry!