Computers and Technology

Kee4™ Keyboard

Kee4™ is a new and revolutionary computer keyboard with only 4 keys, operated by one hand. It is truly portable, making it ideal for wearable computing, smart phones, tablets and MIDs. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any device with HID support.

Multilingual Keyboard New Generation

Universal Keyboard that will help to change the language keyboard of our choice directly on the keyboard. this is could be a good stuff for people who desire to learn new languages or talk more than one language, encouragee in another way to learn any language we would like and finally help for some troobleshooting for people who face difficulties using a Keyborad with just one and foreign language.


Does your computer look like the poster child for sticky notes?

The Ticket Treasury

The Ticket Treasury is a memorabilia storage system for recording, organizing and preserving memorabilia.

Many people enjoy sports and entertainment memorabilia. In fact, Americans spend approximately $4 billion per year on sports collectables. They collect, trade, sell, and display their sport and entertainment artifacts so that other memorabilia enthusiasts may enjoy them. Additionally, personal memorabilia, which carries sentimental value, is frequently organized and shared with friends and family. It can, however, be a daunting task to catalogue and inventory large quantities of memorabilia. Therefore, it is not uncommon for newspaper clippings, event programs, ticket stubs, photographs, cards and the like to wind up in unorganized boxes or drawers.


Aurin ™ - Intelligent 8 Outlet Power Distributor

Aurin allows every kind of settings in one and the same powerstrip: optimized for the computer user, and generally variously usable. Features: ♣ Master with selectable Slaves, switch the Master-Device on/off and the Slave/s on Socket 3, 5 and 7 follows ( if set as Slaves ) –on, while socket 4 is on timer, while socket 2 is on/off direct and so on... all at the same time and in the same powerstrip, it allows a lot of profiles, to change the total settings of all 8 sockets with one click. ♣ 3 Timer on / off for each socket Mo. - Fr. each day, - daily ♣ Direct on / off for each socket ♣ Save Energy: don´t leave appliances on standby ♣ 2 step Reset ♣ 30 days internal power supply, for example at a blackout ♣ internal light ♣ quick switching function between 3 attached Aurin Power-Strips ( 24 sockets ) ♣ filter & protection

First Fuel Cell Personal Breathalyzer - World's Most Accurate

The world's most accurate personal breathalyzer uses a platinum fuel cell to turn breath alcohol into electric   al current for precise breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement. The technology has long been used in professional breath alcohol testers such as those used by law enforcement but has not been available to the general public.

ToteGrip - Laptop Handle

Let me provide a simple tip, you should carry your laptop with a - - ToteGrip!

UltraProjector - Weather Resistant Video Projector

Innovatively simple, weather-proof, stand-alone video projector (no pc or video source needed - video player built-in).

Jamstykk Guitar Game Controller

The Jamstykk is an ultra portable Guitar Video Game controller that is compatible for three platform console games: Playstation 2/3 or Wii. That's right, one video game controller works with three different consoles. Perfect for the multi game console home. Works with All versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Guitar Hero game made 1.2 billion dollars in 2007 alone.

EZ-Find! - Electronic Locator System

EZ-Find!® is like no other product on the market. It's sleek, high tech and affordable. Because it's expandable, it's continued usefulness is assured for years to come. As part of the fast-growing product category of electronic locators, the demand for EZ-Find!® is expected to rise with the increase of aging baby boomers, busy households and products getting smaller and harder to find.

Mouse Hand Warmer

Does your mouse hand get cold? Do you work long hours using a computer mouse? If so, keep your mouse hand warm under a cozy, fleece blanket.

JerkStopper Cable Retention Device for Computers

Technically it's a CRD (Cable Retention Device) designed to utilize any existing port (USB, RJ11 or RJ45) on a laptop computer as a stay or restraint to keep the very fragile AC power connector from being damaged from day to day tugging and pulling and jerking on the power cord.

Repairs to this connector as a result of the cumulative damage from day-to-day tugging and pulling can range from $100 to $250 or more if repairable.

The (Patent Pending) JerkStopper™ Cable Retention Device keeps you and others from causing costly damage to your Laptop Computer.

itoPad - Laptop Computer Heat Dissipater

  • Does your laptop get uncomfortably hot while you have it on your lap
  • Do you constantly change positions because of discomfort from your laptop?
  • Does your laptop's cooling fan come on more often than before

X-Box Stand - Video Game Accessory

Finally a stand for the popular X-Box, this is the only x-box stand on the market world wide!

Green CD/DVD case

An all cardboard, easily recycled CD/DVD case design. It uses the CD itself as the strike to lock the case- thus avoiding the need for extraneous plastic parts. Fits standard storage units. Green and recyclable.