Computers and Technology

USB & lighter combination

We would like to present you the novelty on the USB market… memlite is THE combination of a lighter and an USB flash drive - portable, unique and trendy!

Word Isolating Educational Tool

Original product is 2" x 3", constructed from (2) thin flexible non-transparent pieces of plastic. And innovative reading aid that will aid teachers, and parent who teach their children at home. It will assist the user with the isolation of syllables of a word, so that they can be sounded out, helping make the pronunciation of the word easier.

GigaTribe (encrypted method of sharing entire folders with online friends)

GigaTribe already has over 300,000 users in Europe and is quickly gaining ground in the US. GigaTribe allows users to share folders on their hard-drives which their friends will then be able to browse through. There's no limit as to the sizes of files that are exchanged.

Universal Artificial Intelligence Software Program

An artificial intelligent software that can drive a car/truck or airplane at a human level.

Compact Disc Eraser

Wipe out CD-Rs and DVDRs without any shredding waste! Quicker and safer than breaking an unwanted CD, affordably priced, and fun to use. Revolutionary optical strip technology renders any CD or DVD unreadable. The smallest and most practical solution to your Data Security needs. Disc Eraser!


I invented the CD Stripper after I cut my hand opening a music CD for my kid. It's safe, easy to use and will open thousands of CDs. The same goes for the DVD Stripper. It cuts movie, gaming, and music DVD cases that have annoying security tape on the top and side of the cases. You can flip the DVD and push it into the DVD stripper if it has a third piece of security tape on the bottom.

Keyboard Organizer

We all know how thin computer keyboards can be. We have all seen the fold up and rubber roll up keyboards on the market. Well, the technology inside today’s full size computer keyboards is just as thin.

Active Grid Tech: Energy Storage

The Next Generation of Energy Storage Devices: AGT Prevents Cell Degeneration The use of ultrasonics to overcome the inherent mass transport limitations in lead acid batteries.

Comfort Stylus

The Comfort Stylus has a soft rubberized cushion grip stylus with a solid flexible shaft. The Comfortstylus can be used with gaming devices such as PDAs, cell phones and any resistive touch screen technology, including the Nintendo DS, and data collectors.