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Fitness and Sports

SKIDS - In-Line Skate Brake

I noticed a problem when in-line skates first came out. People were hurting themselves while trying to stop on these skates. I realized a way to design a brake for the front of the skate that allowed a much quicker and safer learning curve when it came to stopping.

Laser Ball - Laser putting Platform

It is the only golf training aid that emits a laser-dot from the actual putted golf ball. The emitted laser-dot indicates the precise location/trajectory of the putted golf ball.

DPX Systems Power Assist Drive Unit

Cordless drill power assist transmission unit with multi-positioning for placing unlimited objects into motion.

3G Stepper - Bicycle

Los Angeles times says the 3G Stepper a "GREAT ALL BODY WORKOUT". The 3G Stepper is a fun vertical motion bike where you use both your upper and lower body to get a great workout.

Super Rider Bicycle

This is a revolutionary bike that provides exercise for the hands and legs at the same time. It can be used buth outdoors or indoors.

ParScooter - Electric golf cart scooter.

Ride and tow your golf clubs! The easiest and most fun way to play golf. Saves time and money too!

Trangle Ball: New Game to Play

A rebounding ball game/sport for beach, backyard or even indoors.

Weight Spotter

The Weight Spotter is a new safety device designed to allow you to lift heavy and lift safely. There are currently no other mechanical spotters that have the unique feature that this product has: You can remove the weights that become trapped on your chest by rolling the bar in a forward incline motion and away from your head and neck, and no matter the amount of weight or exhaustion; this can be done extremely easily.


Flextee challenges traditional thinking when it comes to how, when or where we play or practice golf.


Sunsure is an easy to use device for the early recognition of sunburn. Many people stay in the sun until redness starts to appear. Damage to the skin starts much earlier, but cannot be detected by the naked eye. If skin changes to red when looked at through the sunsure detection lens, it is time to seek protection from the sun.

Sideways Bike

Two wheel steering bicycle with each wheel having its own steering control operated by rider's left and right hand respectively and rider positioned facing the direction of motion.

Sea Hammock - Aquatic Deckchair \ Lounger

Completely novel portable lounger deck chair designed to be taken into the water at the beach, lake, or your swimming pool. Lay back and relax completely immersed in a warm water pool or lie out and cool off in the sea when Global Warming makes it too hot to stay on the beach.

SnuggleTite Slumber Bag

The blanket baby can't kickoff Warm and Snug like a Mother's Hug A Safe alternative for loose blankets. For the Comfort of your baby and for a parent's peace of mind. Using straps and clips for easy and comfortable tightening ensuring the child won't kick the blanket off, slip down in the bag, or get tangled up in loose bedding. With the unique design, allows room for a child's growth and is easily zipped open for use as a regular blanket. Removable pillow pad for an older child. Two way zipper, for easy diaper change, 100% cotton outer shell, high loft polyester fiberfill. Great for cottage, boating, camping for those cool nights.

Upright Human Floatation Apparatus

Apparatus enabling a person to walk on water. The user propels himself by stepping forward in a manner similar to snowshoeing. The invention offers free transition from land to water and back, as well as the ability to turn without using a rudder, a paddle or any special device.

Twin Hull Personal Watercraft

A technology offering improvements in the ergonomics, stability, versatility and other performance parameters of small boats such as canoes, kayaks, dinghies etc.


Hand held football (brain stimulating) puzzle game for beginners and the the expert. Rubik Cube like football game in the shape of a football. Customized for souvenir for Collegiate/NFL games with team logos

shootAndstar Rebounder

The shootAndstar Rebounder is a low cost revolutionary basketball shooting practice device that enables a basketball shooter to efficiently practice basketball shooting by themselves. Both made and missed basketball shots are quickly returned to the shooter.

X-TREME GATE Slide Out Truck Bed

The product, X-TREME GATE, is a concept best described as the ultimate method of creating additional cargo space in your pick-up bed without removing the tailgate or damaging the appearance or value of the pick-up truck.

Cool Gripper

A novelty foam beverage holder. It won the Bronze medal @ Impex 2005 (North America's largest invention show).

Board Bra: Skateboard Holder

Board Bra attaches to any bicycle handle bars with just 2 bolts to allow handsfree carrying of skateboard.