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FreeSpine Fitness Machine


The FREESPINE is efficient, time saving fitness machinefor exercising and strengthening your core muscles and joints, to keep your spine flexible and lower back fit and pain free, for high body tone and perfect posture.


BlingToGo - Decoration for Crutches

BlingToGo, the self-adhesive full-wrap ‘skins’ are a new way to add personality to any standard mobility support tools such as crutches, canes and walkers. The adhesive decorations also work on bed rails and IV poles because they are a medical-grade product that can be fully sanitized hundreds of times. (Update: This BlingToGo site is no longer available. Folks are using nail art stickers like these to decorate crutches. Also, Crutcheze now carries a whole line of designer fabric covered and colored crutch covers. They are available on Amazon here. )

Ergoroller - Wrist Supporter

OUCH!  My hands hurt from too much computer use.  Let Ergoroller massage the pain away.  At home and work, almost no place you can't use this incredible product.  Earth friendly, recyclable materials and made in the USA.

t&b Clip

Multi-purpose magnetic clothing clip for cinching up t-shirts, tightening loose clothing, making belts, securing scarves and sarongs.   A fashion accessory that adds a personal, stylish touch to many outfits while effectively securing open apparel or contouring loose clothing to any woman's figure

First Fuel Cell Personal Breathalyzer - World's Most Accurate

The world's most accurate personal breathalyzer uses a platinum fuel cell to turn breath alcohol into electric   al current for precise breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement. The technology has long been used in professional breath alcohol testers such as those used by law enforcement but has not been available to the general public.

Shrinkins - Art for Medical Products

Shrinkins are temporary "Shrinkable Skins" designed to decorate wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, casts, hospital beds and more! Skin it with a smile!


Wellness Travel Pak : Pill Storage Container

Wellness Travel Pak™ - This innovative and time-saving vitamin/medication delivery system is unlike any other and it will make a consumer’s daily intake regimen both simple and reliable. Other products such as the common "pill box" have a negative association to illness. The Wellness Travel Pak™ brings a positive approach to managing a healthy lifestyle!

RES-Q Infant Reflux Wedge

The RES-Q Wedge is the only orthopedic and reversible reflux wedge on the market designed by an occupational therapist , physician and dietitian. Read the fascinating story of how and why the wedge was developed at the following site.

Easy Brew Travel Mug - Beverage Brewing System

Coffee and tea drinkers have long had every variety of thermal mug imaginable, to tote their brews around. But if you’re wanting to brew you’re your favorite beverage without a coffee maker or French Press then, well...the wait is over. Introducing Brew and Go. Works by simply adding grounds in the filter, adding hot water, placing the lid on and go. The coffee and tea brews right in the cup so there is no need for any additional external coffee makers or French Press's to carry around. Imagine buying 50 cents of worth of grounds at a Starbucks that is not being currently brewed and brewing it on your own, take back the control and brew anything you want when you want it. Brew and Go!

NoseBudd: Nose Bleed Aid

Stop the NoseBleed Epidemic with NoseBudd!

Over 45 million people each year suffer from Nosebleeds in the US alone! Help fight this epidemic with NoseBudd!

Twin Dental Articulating Paper Forceps

Getting the bite correct in the mouth is absolutely critical in dentistry. A bite, or how your teeth touch, can make or break the dentistry in your mouth. Frequently root canal treatments are performed on a tooth that has died since the bite was not correct! Adjusting the bite after a new filling or crown has been placed is very technique sensitive, and any product that allows dentists to perform this function quicker, easier and more accurately will benefit both the patient and the dentist.

The Hahn Twin Forceps allow for quicker, easier and more accurate adjustment of the dental bite. Prior to this invention multiple products were used to perform the function of the Twin Forceps. The Twin Forceps can replace the existing instrument completely as it perform all of the regular articulating paper forceps functions and then some.

Tonerbelt - Walk n' Burn

ABC's American Inventor show contestant makes it to "AS SEEN ON TV" infomercial product called the "WALKNBURN.COM

iShave: Hairy Back Shaver

iShave: Hairy Backs Under Attack

Headline It! Medical - Liner for Wigs and Headwear Items - Medical

MEDICAL HEADLINE IT! is a thin, disposable liner made for WIGS, HATS, HELMETS or any headwear item. HEADLINE IT! STOPS SWEAT from rolling into one's eyes and provides a great comfort barrier between a sensitve scalp, and itch wig, hat or helmet.

Made just for CANCER or Alopeica Patients or anyone who is BALD or BALDING. Also great for SURGEONS and other medical professionals.

HeadlIne It! Active - Liner for Hats, Helmets and Headwear Items - Active


10 individually wrapped liners