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Krafty Kathy's Cake & Cookie Kits

"Birthday" Interactive cake kit & "Birthday" Snow Globe Kits.Krafty Kathy's cake and cookie kits are "PERFECT" so you can make them "PERFECT" for every occasion.

Espro Press - Coffee Brewer

The espro™ press uses a patent pending two stage microfilter to give you french press coffee without the grit.  You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds.  And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today.

Jazzy Poop Stick™ - Pet Poop Cleaner

This all-in-one pet waste management system allows the user to retrieve, contain, and dispose of pet waste in a safe and hygienic manner.

Lock-Kill - Kills Locks Instantly

Lock-Kill -- Remarkable New Lock-out Device is Now Available to Property Managers, Landlords, and Property Investors This brand new device instantly and permanently disables any Kwikset or Schlage lock. Once this patented key is inserted into the keyway the lock is completely disabled. It can't be picked, bumped or jimmied. It is used mainly for securing properties after an eviction. Lock-Kill is now available for Property Investors, Property Managers and Landlords and is sold exclusively through DG3Locksmithing.com

Recoil saw

The best addition to the manual hand saw since the handle.

Virtual Visit Television Welcome To The Future

This combined video phone and television set will revolutionize communications as we know them.

Lid with Wings, Stable and Safe Cookware Lid

Millions of cooks all over the world still (and will) prefer displacing cookware lids for ventilating their cooking and emptying the pans. During this simple operation they face challenges, some of them ending with fallen lids, lost cooking or even scalds. The Lid with Wings simpy and elegantly solves the centuries-old problem at last.

Geared Non-Spill Teapot Machine

If all teapots had no date of manufacture stamped on their bases, we wouldn’t be able to differentiate a modern one from its historical predecessor ‘made’ about 50 years ago! Seems, evolution spared this utensil! The aim is to design a better teapot, better in the functional sense. One that pours evenly throughout is a good one.

Handy Scruby - Spray Bottle Enhancement

This is a desgin for a scrubber attached to a spray bottle for cleaning hard to get off dirt.

SpillRamp the Towel Eliminator - Cleaning Aid

This environmentally friendly product reduces the need for cloth and paper towels. The special ramp and squeegee allow rapid clean up of large volume spills. If you want to help reduce global warming, and the cabon footprint, this is the product for you! It reduces the need to waste paper towels and/or wash cloth towels! This is the best product of 2010!

Magic Toob Lampshade Leveler

Keep your clip-on lampshades level when using those new funky shaped CFL's!  It also works great on chandelier bulbs and incandescents up to 150 watts!

Lawn Sprinkler Runoff Conservation System

This invention relates to the field of lawn sprinkler systems more specifically to systems for minimizing the unnecessary use of irrigation water and collecting and recycling water distributed by sprinkler systems. 

My Car Pet - Novelty Item

My Car Pet carpet creature is extremely cool and should be handled with care. This is not a kids toy. My Car Pet has been known to steal girlfriends, drink college frat guys under the table and generally make you look bad. Only adopt a My Car Pet carpet creature if you are confident in yourself and your relationships. Are you up for the challenge?

Sleep Bright - Write On and Glow in the Dark Sheets

This invention is sleeping sheets you can write and draw on. The writing glows in the dark, lighting up any room at night for a nice art display night light.

Keep-Safe Lockbox

My powder-painted steel lockboxes lock permanently onto steel brackets bolted to studs of walls or solid doors, and once the owner uses a key or the combination to unlock one, he can just pull it off the bracket and reach into the open back. Plus, my slim-line lockboxes are made to hold medicines in the bathroom, toxic cleaners in kitchen cupboards, toxic baby products in bedrooms and nurseries, and guns behind bedside tables or even bolted to the underside of a bed frame (combo type).