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The Trickle Ring

The Trickle Ring is a multi-purpose irrigation ring that attaches to a garden hose to efficiently water young trees, shrubs, vegetables, or flower beds using drip or trickle irrigation. It directs water to the root perimeter of the plant to give them a good start during the first two growing seasons or through periods of drought. By adjusting the flow of water to match the rate of soil absorption, water is conserved by eliminating wasteful run-off and evaporation from spraying.

Trickle Rings may also be used as high-pressure spraying fountains to water larger planting beds AND they make a wonderful spray toy for children to cool off in!

Sturdy, versatile, low-profile, inexpensive, and Made in America!

Easy Brew Travel Mug - Beverage Brewing System

Coffee and tea drinkers have long had every variety of thermal mug imaginable, to tote their brews around. But if you’re wanting to brew you’re your favorite beverage without a coffee maker or French Press then, well...the wait is over. Introducing Brew and Go. Works by simply adding grounds in the filter, adding hot water, placing the lid on and go. The coffee and tea brews right in the cup so there is no need for any additional external coffee makers or French Press's to carry around. Imagine buying 50 cents of worth of grounds at a Starbucks that is not being currently brewed and brewing it on your own, take back the control and brew anything you want when you want it. Brew and Go!

The Door Stop-It : Door Stopper

Novel new door stop that is....


Foot Operated

Foot Releasable

Holds Door in Place

No Bending Over

Never Gets Lost

Comes 2 to a package in BEIGE or TAN

Mounts on floors (hardwood or tile) with included double stick tape

Mounts on baseboard (for carpeted floors, for example) with included screws

Perfect for the elderly and busy moms!

SmokerDome: Grill Smoker Apparatus for Producing Smoke on Gas Grills

FlavorDome Grill Smoker is an apparatus for producing flavored smoke on an outdoor gas grill.  This grill smoker allows the user to enjoy those just cooked over open fire smoke flavors while using their outdoor gas grill.  Gas grills, of and by themselves, do not produce any natural wood smoke flavors. The SmokerDome Grill Smoker 'Turns every backyard cook into a gourmet chef'. "Changing the way the World barbecues... at home!"

VIP Odorless Toilet

The VIP odorless toilet is a smart alternative for a healthier lifestyle. With no bathroom odors to cover, there's never a need to spray harmful air deodorizing chemicals.

EZ-Find! - Electronic Locator System

EZ-Find!® is like no other product on the market. It's sleek, high tech and affordable. Because it's expandable, it's continued usefulness is assured for years to come. As part of the fast-growing product category of electronic locators, the demand for EZ-Find!® is expected to rise with the increase of aging baby boomers, busy households and products getting smaller and harder to find.

BedZak.com - Bed Organizer

We have designed a pocket organizer caddy for your bed. Ours has a strudy wire frame to lift the pockets above the box spring for easy reach.

Pole-R Bear Beach Umbrella Hook

Sand on your camera? Wet towels covered in sand? Keys lost in the sand? This brand new, stainless steel, patent-pending umbrella hook will keep all your valuables off the sand.

The Stain-removing Machine

Pat. pend. UE: WO/2008/152168

 Pat. pend. EEUU: US2010139332 (A1)

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StealthVue PennyCam : Hidden Security Camera

Robbers Chasing Dollars, Captured By Pennies

StealthVue's new covert countertop surveillance device embeds a hi-resolution security camera in an object found on the vast majority of gas station, convenience and liquor store countertops: The "Take-A-Penny, Leave-A-Penny" tray.

E-Z Maid's Deodorized trash container

E-Z Maid's Deodorized trash container,Replaceable air freshener,Vacuum release,Easy hold down lip.The trash container that makes good scents.E-Z MAID INC. Making it E-Z Makes scents.


Handi-Straps increases lifting capacity while decreasing threat of injury

CHALK-O-MATIC - Pool Cue Chalker & Pocket Marker

CHALK-O-MATIC fits in the palm of your hand, rotates and contains a cube of billiard chalk (allows for any billiard chalk cube) for your pool cue.  "Without a good chalking, you will miss the pocket."

Paper Pulp Siding - New Type of Building Material

This new building material created from my revolutionary pulp paper blend is designed to reverse the effects of Global Warming, and Global Dimming, two major of several ongoing environmental threats to our planet.

COVERPLAY - Baby Safety Product

The first and only slipcover-for play yards. Our Patent pending invention helps reduce children's exposure to germs and bacteria that build up on play yards. It is great for the travel industry who provides their young guests with play yards that are not always so clean. It is machine washable and Pediatrician recommended.