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Retired Hubble Space Telescope Engineer Develops More “Down to Earth” Consumer Product

Keep-Ur-Lid offers a simple way to never lose your trashcan lid again.


The Appliance Slide

The Appliance Slide E-Z Movement System for Washing Machines and Dryers

The Amazing Water Faucet Extension

Do you ever need a little extra room in the sink for those big pots and pans? The amazing water faucet extension is the answer.

The FireLight Safety Switch

The FireLight Safety Switch is revolutionary yet simplistic device. It replaces any ordinary light switch. When it "hears" a smoke/ Co2 alarm, it over rides switch circuit and turns on the lights.

Infinity Mirror Ceiling Fan Globe Kit

Imagine looking up at your Ceiling Fan, but instead of seeing just a standard lighted fan globe, you become mesmerized by an amazing Optical Illusion, Infinity Mirror Ceiling Fan Globe, that makes the light bulb and ornaments within, Appear as if they were all Streaming off into Infinity in Every Direction!!!

Zipblocks - Modular Building Systems

If you can build it with Lego's...you can build it with Zipblocks...but on a much larger scale.

USB & lighter combination

We would like to present you the novelty on the USB market… memlite is THE combination of a lighter and an USB flash drive - portable, unique and trendy!

Floating Boat Garage

Tired of snapping on your pontoon or boat cover every time you get done with it? With a Conestoga Cover you just drive your pontoon or boat in and zip the end door shut. It floats next to your pier or dock over top of your watercraft protecting it from the sun and weather. Perfect for uneven or mucky lake bottoms.

Lounge Lokr - Personal Storage Locker

A personal storage locker that affixes to chaise lounge chairs at hotels and waterparks, work benches in your garage or shop and more. It incoporates an adjustable lid and locking drawer unit to attach to varied width mounting frames.

PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler

reating no pollution whatsoever, with a biological CO2 convertor core that never wears out, and is fueled by ordinary tap water and sunshine,1 the PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler changes all the rules when it comes to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Slickclips - Paperclip Dispenser

Slickclips - a simple way to clip

Etraay - Portable/car Sports Eating Tray

Portable/car sports eating tray. Designed to be used in many places and to help while on the go.

Drinxtopper - Barware Product

Need an extra kick to your drink? Tired of lemon or lime squirts in your eye?

EYE-D : Identification System for Glasses

For every person who loses expensive sunglasses or prescription glasses, there is always someone who finds them. Now there is a way to return them with the EYE-D product. It allows the owner to personalize his or her glasses by giving you a template to scratch on the frame your name or phone # so the finder can return them to the owner. You do carry ID in your wallet so why not on your glasses!