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Dripnot, LLC introduces the Dripnot™ universal coneholder. It is the world’s only holder designed to holdalmost every known type and size of cone, from thesmallest cake cone to the largest waffle cone. The patent pending Dripnot™ is also the only cone holder made entirely of earth friendly FDA approved materials (PLA),which can be recycled and even be composted.

The Boost Air system

A system that adds to an existing compressed air system [that recycles] the spent air ... to pressurize the inlet of the air compressor [to double the efficiency].


his invention is to do with air compressors and air tools and is called E.A.R.S witch is Exhausted Air Recycling System witch takes the exhausted air from a air tool and injects it through our patented manifold back into the compressor this makes the air tool alot quieter and allows the compressor to sustain tank presure for longer periods of time

Anemone Clock

The AnemoneClock is a feisty little alarm clock with a bit more personality guaranteed to shake and wake anyone out of bed! Conventional alarm clocks only use sound to wake you up, but as many sleepers know, a quick flick to the static snooze button leads right back to sleeping without ever really opening your eyes. This early morning ritual is repeated several times without ever really waking you up when you want! All alarm clocks are simply too easy to turn off!


ResQDisk is a Rescue Device for saving individuals who has fallen into FAST MOVING WATERS or THIN ICE. Besides swimming pool and children, people seldom drown in calm waters.


contoured injection molded polypropolene. weighs 4.5 pounds My 19 month old daughter made use of regular chairs and booster seat while on a holiday trip. I caught her twice in mid-air tumbling backward standing on a regular chair and twice she slid under the table sitting in a booster seat. A year later we launched the Hisita (high-seat-tah) Its available on the net and is locally in small stores. Young mothers finding it difficult to relate to it.

SnuggleTite Slumber Bag

The blanket baby can't kickoff Warm and Snug like a Mother's Hug A Safe alternative for loose blankets. For the Comfort of your baby and for a parent's peace of mind. Using straps and clips for easy and comfortable tightening ensuring the child won't kick the blanket off, slip down in the bag, or get tangled up in loose bedding. With the unique design, allows room for a child's growth and is easily zipped open for use as a regular blanket. Removable pillow pad for an older child. Two way zipper, for easy diaper change, 100% cotton outer shell, high loft polyester fiberfill. Great for cottage, boating, camping for those cool nights.

The Flatulence Deodorizer

The Flatulence Deodorizer is a product designed to eliminate embarrassment caused from the odor of flatulence. The Flatulence Deodorizer is a three-ply activated charcoal cloth that fits into the undergarment in a similar fashion to a sanitary napkin. This product is 1/16th of an inch thick, washable, reusable and provides immediate protection, from unwanted flatulence odors.

The Original Tote-N-Mat

Water Resistant Padded Mat that converts into storage box, backpack & tote


hoster is a device for firmly holding a watering hose and which mount atop a 36" steel post that has been pushed into the ground. It allows watering of a specific area of garden to occur. It is easily manuverable both in a vertical and/or hosizontal direction - without turning the water off. It is made of plastic and is colored green for environmental considerations. Less water is used since the device cocentrates the direction of water to a specific area. This device would be aptly placed in a garden center outlet or large home improvement or discount store such as Home Depot, Lowe''s and Wal-Mart.

Mailbox Saver Post

Mailbox specially designed to be vandal-proof. The special features of this new post are daytime hours the mailbox lays at the roadside, so the mail carrier can put the mail in the mailbox. And night time hours it lays 10-12 feet off the roadside take the mailbox out of striking range. Please tell me what you think about this new vandal proof mailbox post.

Booster Bath: Pet Washer

Elevated plastic dog wash tub. With the New and Improved Booster Bath, washing your dog will be a bonding and enjoyable experience. No more putting off washing the dog because it's such a hassle! The Booster Bath makes washing your dog quick and painless.

CD Wall Tile

Unique Display and Storage for CD's CDWalltile provides a unique way to display your favorite CD cover art on your walls. Each CDWalltile can hold CDs and DVDs in their jewel case or carrier while still allowing easy access to your favorite music. Its special design was created so that you can hang individual CDWalltiles to accent a room or you can create custom patterns with the easy-to-use connectors. And, CDWalltile is the only product available today that allows you to display your prized CD collection on the wall without harming your CD or marring your wall.

Creeper Sweeper Casters

CreeperSweeper is a new self-sweeping swivel caster designed for automotive creepers, stools and other rolling devices that are prone to wheel bind up.

Mop Flops

Terry Cloth Slippers lined in vinyl with a pocket for sponges on the sole. Meant for spot cleaning, reaching in hard to reach places and walking on a freshly mopped floor.