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Industrial and Scientific

Take-A-Seat 3-IN-1 Tailgating Bench, Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier

Take-A-Seat is your 3-in-1 seating, bike rack and cargo carrier solution.

The unique, patented design and convenience of Take-A-Seat is the tailgater's answer to bringing all of their needs to the big game, race or any outdoor event! Take-A-Seat transforms in to a 3-place bike rack and a handy carrier for coolers or other cargo.

Enjoy the world's first vehicle-mounted collapsible chair along with a bike rack and cargo carrier. See why it was voted top 24 finalist on ABC's American Inventor!


Carven Motor - Rotary Motion Device

Solving the minimum size and moving parts for device transforming a pressure input to a rotary output or vice versa.

Lock-Kill - Kills Locks Instantly

Lock-Kill -- Remarkable New Lock-out Device is Now Available to Property Managers, Landlords, and Property Investors This brand new device instantly and permanently disables any Kwikset or Schlage lock. Once this patented key is inserted into the keyway the lock is completely disabled. It can't be picked, bumped or jimmied. It is used mainly for securing properties after an eviction. Lock-Kill is now available for Property Investors, Property Managers and Landlords and is sold exclusively through DG3Locksmithing.com

Kee4™ Keyboard

Kee4™ is a new and revolutionary computer keyboard with only 4 keys, operated by one hand. It is truly portable, making it ideal for wearable computing, smart phones, tablets and MIDs. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any device with HID support.

Aurin ™ - Intelligent 8 Outlet Power Distributor

Aurin allows every kind of settings in one and the same powerstrip: optimized for the computer user, and generally variously usable. Features: ♣ Master with selectable Slaves, switch the Master-Device on/off and the Slave/s on Socket 3, 5 and 7 follows ( if set as Slaves ) –on, while socket 4 is on timer, while socket 2 is on/off direct and so on... all at the same time and in the same powerstrip, it allows a lot of profiles, to change the total settings of all 8 sockets with one click. ♣ 3 Timer on / off for each socket Mo. - Fr. each day, - daily ♣ Direct on / off for each socket ♣ Save Energy: don´t leave appliances on standby ♣ 2 step Reset ♣ 30 days internal power supply, for example at a blackout ♣ internal light ♣ quick switching function between 3 attached Aurin Power-Strips ( 24 sockets ) ♣ filter & protection

SpillRamp the Towel Eliminator - Cleaning Aid

This environmentally friendly product reduces the need for cloth and paper towels. The special ramp and squeegee allow rapid clean up of large volume spills. If you want to help reduce global warming, and the cabon footprint, this is the product for you! It reduces the need to waste paper towels and/or wash cloth towels! This is the best product of 2010!

Vision Trough 3D sound

The VTS project was established to enable the visually impaired or disabled to live a happier, more fulfilling life filled with experiences about the environment surrounding them.

VIP Odorless Toilet

The VIP odorless toilet is a smart alternative for a healthier lifestyle. With no bathroom odors to cover, there's never a need to spray harmful air deodorizing chemicals.

Multi Storied Car Park with Inclines Conveyance : Enhanced Car Parking System

New automated parking method for a multi storied building using an inclined hoist way.

DREVAS: Energy Recovery Device from Sanitary Water Pouring

The device "DREVAS" has a coil, a dry camera, a tank and a leak detector. The water taken from a network passes through one or more coils in contact with the interior of walls of its respective dry camera, taking part of heat of the water contained in the tank and arriving at the consumption with a temperature superior to an entrance. The used drinking water is spilled by the drainages in the tank, where before being sent to the general spills network, it transmits part of its heat to drinking water. The leaks detector warns of the possible humidity in the dry camera.

AutoSkyBot-The Vertical Takeoff and Landing Jet Arial Terrestrial Transport

Too fully understand the dynamics and potential uses of the intended VTOLJATT prototype, one has only to imagine the automated professional flight vehicle of the future. A brief outline of the construction, materials, and technology will be further elaboration in the future papers.

The Stain-removing Machine

Pat. pend. UE: WO/2008/152168

 Pat. pend. EEUU: US2010139332 (A1)

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Environmental Cleaning Device

Device to clean and filter out the poisonous and unwanted gases from the atmosphere caused by pollution.

Paper Pulp Siding - New Type of Building Material

This new building material created from my revolutionary pulp paper blend is designed to reverse the effects of Global Warming, and Global Dimming, two major of several ongoing environmental threats to our planet.

Bodyguard - Body Protection for Mechanics

BODYGUARD is a revolutionary way to protect car mechanics while they are under a car. It is the only creeper with built-in FRAME PROTECTION.

PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler

reating no pollution whatsoever, with a biological CO2 convertor core that never wears out, and is fueled by ordinary tap water and sunshine,1 the PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler changes all the rules when it comes to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Swing'N Load: Cargo Management System

The best way to carry groceries in your truck!

Ever have to load your groceries past the tailgate into the bed of your pickup truck? Ever have to climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve items that spilled out into the bed? With the Swing 'N Load these problems are solved!

Multi-Panel Reconfigurable Dry Erase Board

Conventional dry erase boards have provided only a single unitary dry erase panel, which is not suitable for compartmentalizing and tracking information. In an effort to compartmentalize information, one typically must resort to creating a grid using a marker or tape to divide the panel into different sections or quadrants. In an effort to track information, one must constantly erase information from one section and rewrite the same information in another section or be forced to mentally rearrange the information into its logical or sequential order on a regular basis. Regularly erasing and rewriting the same information can take considerable time. Regularly attempting to rearrange the information in one's mind can be confusing and challenging, particularly given that the logical order may vary from day to day or week to week

All Around Card

New Circular Payment Card could revolutionize the payment card industry and the way you shop around!

AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool

Topline Innovations, Manufacturer of the hottest new tool on the market...The AngLevel Multi-purpose Measuring tool! The AngLevel tool replaces the t-bevel, speed square, and torpedo level, and performs many functions not found in these or other tools.