Industrial and Scientific

PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler

reating no pollution whatsoever, with a biological CO2 convertor core that never wears out, and is fueled by ordinary tap water and sunshine,1 the PCF Mobile CO2 Recycler changes all the rules when it comes to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions.

Swing'N Load: Cargo Management System

The best way to carry groceries in your truck!

Ever have to load your groceries past the tailgate into the bed of your pickup truck? Ever have to climb into the bed of your truck to retrieve items that spilled out into the bed? With the Swing 'N Load these problems are solved!

Multi-Panel Reconfigurable Dry Erase Board

Conventional dry erase boards have provided only a single unitary dry erase panel, which is not suitable for compartmentalizing and tracking information. In an effort to compartmentalize information, one typically must resort to creating a grid using a marker or tape to divide the panel into different sections or quadrants. In an effort to track information, one must constantly erase information from one section and rewrite the same information in another section or be forced to mentally rearrange the information into its logical or sequential order on a regular basis. Regularly erasing and rewriting the same information can take considerable time. Regularly attempting to rearrange the information in one's mind can be confusing and challenging, particularly given that the logical order may vary from day to day or week to week

All Around Card

New Circular Payment Card could revolutionize the payment card industry and the way you shop around!

AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool

Topline Innovations, Manufacturer of the hottest new tool on the market...The AngLevel Multi-purpose Measuring tool! The AngLevel tool replaces the t-bevel, speed square, and torpedo level, and performs many functions not found in these or other tools.

DPX Systems Power Assist Drive Unit

Cordless drill power assist transmission unit with multi-positioning for placing unlimited objects into motion.

Compact Disc Eraser

Wipe out CD-Rs and DVDRs without any shredding waste! Quicker and safer than breaking an unwanted CD, affordably priced, and fun to use. Revolutionary optical strip technology renders any CD or DVD unreadable. The smallest and most practical solution to your Data Security needs. Disc Eraser!


his invention is to do with air compressors and air tools and is called E.A.R.S witch is Exhausted Air Recycling System witch takes the exhausted air from a air tool and injects it through our patented manifold back into the compressor this makes the air tool alot quieter and allows the compressor to sustain tank presure for longer periods of time

Trailer Tower

An ATV trailer that stands up to an observation tower by a single person very quickly (5 min). Used by hunters, law enforcment, sporting events, photography, etc. Latest version is playhouse has swing and slide that fold up into trailer. See videos at web site.

X-TREME GATE Slide Out Truck Bed

The product, X-TREME GATE, is a concept best described as the ultimate method of creating additional cargo space in your pick-up bed without removing the tailgate or damaging the appearance or value of the pick-up truck.

Q-Track: Wireless Tracking

Wireless Real Time Locating System Q-Track's Near Field Electromagnetic Ranging (NFER(TM)) technology is fundamentally different from existing wireless technologies used for indoor tracking. According to Jerry Gabig, the CEO of Q-Track, NFER(TM) technology is more accurate, as well as less expensive, than other commercial wireless tracking technologies.

Active Grid Tech: Energy Storage

The Next Generation of Energy Storage Devices: AGT Prevents Cell Degeneration The use of ultrasonics to overcome the inherent mass transport limitations in lead acid batteries.

Johnnystand: Truck Workstation

A weather-proof workstation that travels flat then deploys at a 60 degree angle. There are 12 volt outlets for laptops and lighting. Johnnystand can even go thru commercial car wash and the contents stay 100% dry!