Kids and Baby

Krafty Kathy's Cake & Cookie Kits

"Birthday" Interactive cake kit & "Birthday" Snow Globe Kits.Krafty Kathy's cake and cookie kits are "PERFECT" so you can make them "PERFECT" for every occasion.

Dr. Critters Pet Reminder Bag

Dr. CrittersTM Pet Reminder Bag is an easy way to manage your pet's medications and treatments. It is zippered fabric bag that has an unique, patented combined locking indicating feature that reminds the user when the next dose is due.

It combines medication and accessory storage, a reminder system and child safety features all in easy to use bag. It is ideal for use with monthly heartworm and flea treatments as well as treatments for diabetic pets.

Novelty Infant High Chair

Novelty high chair usually built it as a wood or plastic to help families to seat their babies next to them when they are in a restaurant.  However the present invention is to provide a high chair ready to attach to any restaurant table, that provides easy function of the high chair and novelty, the restaurant could save space and time when they try to bring any high chair to the table. The construction of the present invention also permits to save space and weight when you try to move the standard high chair from one place to other.

Keeping it Positive - Positive Affirmation Pillowcases and Mugs

Be CONFIDENT, POSITIVE, and know that you CAN do anything you put your mind to! That's what Pleasant Dreamz Positive Affirmation Pillowcases help you to achieve! To change your thinking patterns to be more POSITIVE, and CONFIDENT, one should say Affirmations before going to sleep, and when you awake,... and what better way than to have them right on your Pillowcase! :) Saying these Affirmations will truly make you more SUCCESSFUL!

Shrinkins - Art for Medical Products

Shrinkins are temporary "Shrinkable Skins" designed to decorate wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, casts, hospital beds and more! Skin it with a smile!


My Lil' Mouse - Kids Computer Mouse

My Lil' Mouse is the first ergonomic kids mouse that works a way a kids' hand works!  If you child is suffering from 'right click' or multiple click confusion, this may be a solution for you.

RES-Q Infant Reflux Wedge

The RES-Q Wedge is the only orthopedic and reversible reflux wedge on the market designed by an occupational therapist , physician and dietitian. Read the fascinating story of how and why the wedge was developed at the following site.

Neanderthal Feather Walker: Character

The Neanderthal Feather Walker is the only bird that can fly with their feet instead of wings.

Personal Security Backpack

Crime-fighting backpack designed to help save lives.

GoPillow! - Childcare Pillow

The GoPillow! is a "must have" for all parents and caregivers. Breastfeeding is private and easy even in public thanks to the GoPillow!

NoseBudd: Nose Bleed Aid

Stop the NoseBleed Epidemic with NoseBudd!

Over 45 million people each year suffer from Nosebleeds in the US alone! Help fight this epidemic with NoseBudd!

Paci Pocket

Paci Pockets will hang from any bag,stroller handle or cart. Slip binky into pocket to keep it enclosed, clean and free from dirt. It prevents paci from going to bottom of diaper bag and getting lost while keeping it within hands reach. It's reversible, Just turn Paci Pocket inside out for a different look- a two for one!

Take-Along Tether - Baby Accessory

Keep track of your child and never lose their bottle, sippy cup or favorite item ever again! The Take-Along Tether is the only product on the market that doubles as both an item tether AND a child tether.

COVERPLAY - Baby Safety Product

The first and only slipcover-for play yards. Our Patent pending invention helps reduce children's exposure to germs and bacteria that build up on play yards. It is great for the travel industry who provides their young guests with play yards that are not always so clean. It is machine washable and Pediatrician recommended.

Higamus Hogamus: The Precocious Pigs Card Game

Higamus Hogamus, The Precocious Kids Card Game, is a FAST, FUN , FURIOUS & CHALLENGING Children's Card Game that increases Creativity, Reasoning and Word Skills.