Kids and Baby

Etraay - Portable/car Sports Eating Tray

Portable/car sports eating tray. Designed to be used in many places and to help while on the go.

Baby Hold-It! Baby Bottle Handles.

This neat little invention allows little hands to hold their own bottles at feeding time. Babies love to be independant, so this handy item is the perfect thing for any mom or mom to be, as even most breatfed babies are given supplemental bottles at some time. It is guaranteed to fit any bottle size, from small to large and chubby.

Guide for Escorting Children

The Centipede is a Guide for Escorting Children small children and children with handicaps.

Bottle Sling : Baby Feeding Aid

A nursing bottle aid designed to make bottlefeeding a more natural experience.

The Walk-O-Long

The Ultimate Training Wheels for Kids.

Character Bear: Character Building Toy

Parent/Child interactive learning tool. Un-stuffed teddy bear that fills with pillow pieces, each representing a character attribute such as love and caring, respect, kindness, responsibility. The bear stars in a story to bring him to life and teach the child about character. The guide acts as a tool for parents to teach thier children how to stuff the bear and also serves as a character learning tool. Magical, fun, learning toy. This is no ordinary teddy bear.

Bubble Ring Generator: Toy Bubble Maker

Bubble Rings are like smoke rings, except under water. I have invented and patented simple, inexpensive devices that anyone can use to create and play with beautiful bubble rings.

Mother's 3rd Arm

Designed to enable children with or without special needs, Mother’s 3rd Arm independently helps children to reach bottles, cups, toys and more. The soft flexible arm can be attached to both flat and round surfaces via the sturdy clamp, which opens to nearly 4” (10cm). Once attached the colorful, non-toxic foam arm can be bent a full 360 degrees in any direction to place the insulated holder in the desired location.


contoured injection molded polypropolene. weighs 4.5 pounds My 19 month old daughter made use of regular chairs and booster seat while on a holiday trip. I caught her twice in mid-air tumbling backward standing on a regular chair and twice she slid under the table sitting in a booster seat. A year later we launched the Hisita (high-seat-tah) Its available on the net and is locally in small stores. Young mothers finding it difficult to relate to it.

Hands Free Umbrella

A shoulder bag or backpack, which can be mounted and dismounted, without either arm needing to twist to the rear, hlding an umbrella, hands free. In addition, something can be suspended from the upper and lower straps.

Baby Dipper: Infant Bowl

A revolutionary new infant bowl that allows for one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding by toddlers easy.

Bottle Booster

Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder. Hands free infant feeding! Lies on infants stomach so as not to restrain child. Bottle can be tilted to ensure they get every drop. Baby can push bottle away without bottle falling over. Bends and conforms to all bottle sizes and holds bottle snuggly. Weighted base on child's stomach may help to reduce gas. Great for babies a few weeks old till they can hold their own bottle.

Sandbox Play Boat

A play boat that has a large sandbox as well as some other fun features.