Kitchen and Food

Krafty Kathy's Cake & Cookie Kits

"Birthday" Interactive cake kit & "Birthday" Snow Globe Kits.Krafty Kathy's cake and cookie kits are "PERFECT" so you can make them "PERFECT" for every occasion.

Espro Press - Coffee Brewer

The espro™ press uses a patent pending two stage microfilter to give you french press coffee without the grit.  You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds.  And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today.

Novelty Infant High Chair

Novelty high chair usually built it as a wood or plastic to help families to seat their babies next to them when they are in a restaurant.  However the present invention is to provide a high chair ready to attach to any restaurant table, that provides easy function of the high chair and novelty, the restaurant could save space and time when they try to bring any high chair to the table. The construction of the present invention also permits to save space and weight when you try to move the standard high chair from one place to other.

Lid with Wings, Stable and Safe Cookware Lid

Millions of cooks all over the world still (and will) prefer displacing cookware lids for ventilating their cooking and emptying the pans. During this simple operation they face challenges, some of them ending with fallen lids, lost cooking or even scalds. The Lid with Wings simpy and elegantly solves the centuries-old problem at last.

Geared Non-Spill Teapot Machine

If all teapots had no date of manufacture stamped on their bases, we wouldn’t be able to differentiate a modern one from its historical predecessor ‘made’ about 50 years ago! Seems, evolution spared this utensil! The aim is to design a better teapot, better in the functional sense. One that pours evenly throughout is a good one.

CerealThing - Milk & Cereal Container

The original milk and cereal container for breakfast on the go! 

Easy Brew Travel Mug - Beverage Brewing System

Coffee and tea drinkers have long had every variety of thermal mug imaginable, to tote their brews around. But if you’re wanting to brew you’re your favorite beverage without a coffee maker or French Press then, well...the wait is over. Introducing Brew and Go. Works by simply adding grounds in the filter, adding hot water, placing the lid on and go. The coffee and tea brews right in the cup so there is no need for any additional external coffee makers or French Press's to carry around. Imagine buying 50 cents of worth of grounds at a Starbucks that is not being currently brewed and brewing it on your own, take back the control and brew anything you want when you want it. Brew and Go!

Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit - With Auto Flush Technology

Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit with Patent Pending Auto Flush Technology.  This juice dispensing unit is far superior than the currently available One pump system on the market that pumps flavoring into your filtered water.......Design has granted Patent #D575,376

SmokerDome: Grill Smoker Apparatus for Producing Smoke on Gas Grills

FlavorDome Grill Smoker is an apparatus for producing flavored smoke on an outdoor gas grill.  This grill smoker allows the user to enjoy those just cooked over open fire smoke flavors while using their outdoor gas grill.  Gas grills, of and by themselves, do not produce any natural wood smoke flavors. The SmokerDome Grill Smoker 'Turns every backyard cook into a gourmet chef'. "Changing the way the World barbecues... at home!"

Elegantiz: Earthenware from Cow Dung

A great environment friendly invention using cow dung!


E-Z Maid's Deodorized trash container

E-Z Maid's Deodorized trash container,Replaceable air freshener,Vacuum release,Easy hold down lip.The trash container that makes good scents.E-Z MAID INC. Making it E-Z Makes scents.

The Tote Tray

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you enjoy barbecuing, tailgating, picnicing, or just getting the family together for some outdoor feasting, but hate the idea of eating a plate of food on your lap? Well, if you're one of the millions who already have and use the portable, collapsible "pop-up" chairs, then "The Tote Tray" is a must!

Sizzling Pepper Griddle - Cookware for Jalapeno Peppers

Exciting new griddle is designed for preparing the perfect jalapeno appetizers or entrees. Fix healthy appetizers without the fat and trans fats of deep-fried poppers.

In this specially designed griddle, the peppers - filled with your choice of fillings (beef,chicken,pork,seafood,cheeses,or vegetables) - becomes milder and sweeter tasting. Don't miss out on this truly wonderful product.


FIZZITUP! No more flat soda! Dispense 2 liter sodas without loosing the carbonation. Fun and easy to use.

The Amazing Water Faucet Extension

Do you ever need a little extra room in the sink for those big pots and pans? The amazing water faucet extension is the answer.