Kitchen and Food

Olive Express - Olive Stuffer

The Olive Express is the easiest and quickest way to stuff olives without all themess and problems that comes with job of stuffing olives.

Etraay - Portable/car Sports Eating Tray

Portable/car sports eating tray. Designed to be used in many places and to help while on the go.

Drinxtopper - Barware Product

Need an extra kick to your drink? Tired of lemon or lime squirts in your eye?

Spazzstick; Caffeinated Lip Balm

Wake up and heal your lips all in one swipe!!

Cook Robot

A cooking robot which helps you leave your food prepared automatically just like a real cook cooking your desired food whenever you want without any monthly payment, as well as you cook. How delicious dishes it cooks!

Redneck Weenie Tailgate Cooker : Cooking Device

Tailgate, Cook Out, or just letting your Ex-Boyfriend know where he sits with you! The Roast My Weenie Cooker.

Baby Hold-It! Baby Bottle Handles.

This neat little invention allows little hands to hold their own bottles at feeding time. Babies love to be independant, so this handy item is the perfect thing for any mom or mom to be, as even most breatfed babies are given supplemental bottles at some time. It is guaranteed to fit any bottle size, from small to large and chubby.

Cool Touch Oven Rack

We have only one word for oven burns....OUCH! Don't get burned, get The Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard.

Groovy Clean Beverage can cleaner

"Groovy Clean" Beverage can cleaner and opener. Ever buy a can of soda and look at the top to see if there is anything down in the groove? Keep your soda's free of dirt and grim with the Groovy Clean.

Bottle Sling : Baby Feeding Aid

A nursing bottle aid designed to make bottlefeeding a more natural experience.

Cap and opener device for bottles

Cap and opener device for bottles, with two pieces, the first is the cap and the second is the opener. When you get up the opener, the tap of the cap is introduced.


Beerhugs® is the only glass mug with an insulated handle. Your beer stays icy cold while the handle stays warm and dry. In test studies, the handle was nearly five times warmer than mugs without one. So, say goodbye to cold, wet hands forever!

BagButton's Vacuum Storage Bags

BagButton's economical technology enables you to capture the open-end of most plastic bags or garbage bags and lets you evacuate the air with your vacuum cleaner. BagButton's Space Bag Storage Bag system is almost free.


MugToGo changes paper coffee cups into paper mugs.


Dripnot, LLC introduces the Dripnot™ universal coneholder. It is the world’s only holder designed to holdalmost every known type and size of cone, from thesmallest cake cone to the largest waffle cone. The patent pending Dripnot™ is also the only cone holder made entirely of earth friendly FDA approved materials (PLA),which can be recycled and even be composted.