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Kitchen and Food

Baby Hold-It! Baby Bottle Handles.

This neat little invention allows little hands to hold their own bottles at feeding time. Babies love to be independant, so this handy item is the perfect thing for any mom or mom to be, as even most breatfed babies are given supplemental bottles at some time. It is guaranteed to fit any bottle size, from small to large and chubby.

Cool Touch Oven Rack

We have only one word for oven burns....OUCH! Don't get burned, get The Cool Touch Oven Rack Guard.

Groovy Clean Beverage can cleaner

"Groovy Clean" Beverage can cleaner and opener. Ever buy a can of soda and look at the top to see if there is anything down in the groove? Keep your soda's free of dirt and grim with the Groovy Clean.

Bottle Sling : Baby Feeding Aid

A nursing bottle aid designed to make bottlefeeding a more natural experience.

Cap and opener device for bottles

Cap and opener device for bottles, with two pieces, the first is the cap and the second is the opener. When you get up the opener, the tap of the cap is introduced.


Beerhugs® is the only glass mug with an insulated handle. Your beer stays icy cold while the handle stays warm and dry. In test studies, the handle was nearly five times warmer than mugs without one. So, say goodbye to cold, wet hands forever!

BagButton's Vacuum Storage Bags

BagButton's economical technology enables you to capture the open-end of most plastic bags or garbage bags and lets you evacuate the air with your vacuum cleaner. BagButton's Space Bag Storage Bag system is almost free.


MugToGo changes paper coffee cups into paper mugs.


Dripnot, LLC introduces the Dripnot™ universal coneholder. It is the world’s only holder designed to holdalmost every known type and size of cone, from thesmallest cake cone to the largest waffle cone. The patent pending Dripnot™ is also the only cone holder made entirely of earth friendly FDA approved materials (PLA),which can be recycled and even be composted.


contoured injection molded polypropolene. weighs 4.5 pounds My 19 month old daughter made use of regular chairs and booster seat while on a holiday trip. I caught her twice in mid-air tumbling backward standing on a regular chair and twice she slid under the table sitting in a booster seat. A year later we launched the Hisita (high-seat-tah) Its available on the net and is locally in small stores. Young mothers finding it difficult to relate to it.

The Cookie Stacker

The cookie stacker is an air tight storage container that includes stackable, interlocking shelves that protects freshly baked and delicate food items such as decorated cookies, bars and other treats. These layered shelves separate the items and prevent them from being crushed, smashed and broken.

Baby Dipper: Infant Bowl

A revolutionary new infant bowl that allows for one-handed feeding of infants and makes self-feeding by toddlers easy.

Mr McCooker: Cooking Device

3-in-1 cooker that makes ready-to-serve macaroni and cheese, steams vegetables and doubles as a hot water boiler.

Krafty Kathy's Cake & Cookie Kits

"Birthday" Interactive cake kit & "Birthday" Snow Globe Kits.Krafty Kathy's cake and cookie kits are "PERFECT" so you can make them "PERFECT" for every occasion.

Creeper Sweeper Casters

CreeperSweeper is a new self-sweeping swivel caster designed for automotive creepers, stools and other rolling devices that are prone to wheel bind up.

Bottle Booster

Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder. Hands free infant feeding! Lies on infants stomach so as not to restrain child. Bottle can be tilted to ensure they get every drop. Baby can push bottle away without bottle falling over. Bends and conforms to all bottle sizes and holds bottle snuggly. Weighted base on child's stomach may help to reduce gas. Great for babies a few weeks old till they can hold their own bottle.

Marshmallow Chef Sticks

A quality marshmallow roasting stick

Drink Plate: Disposable Plate with Drink Holder

The Drink Plate: The disposable plate with a delightful drink holder. The problem with disposable plates is you can't hold the plate, eat your food, and hold your drink at the same time. You basically need a third hand! The patent-pending Drink Plate (TM) is the first disposable plate that transforms to put a drink holder right where you need it - at arm's reach.