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Tinyvox - The infinite tape deck !!

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Kee4™ Keyboard

Kee4™ is a new and revolutionary computer keyboard with only 4 keys, operated by one hand. It is truly portable, making it ideal for wearable computing, smart phones, tablets and MIDs. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any device with HID support.

Virtual Visit Television Welcome To The Future

This combined video phone and television set will revolutionize communications as we know them.

fig8 Earphone Cord Organizer

A simple, compact earphone cord organizer called the "fig8". Ends those annoying cord "hairballs" forever.

Neanderthal Feather Walker: Character

The Neanderthal Feather Walker is the only bird that can fly with their feet instead of wings.

Jamstykk Guitar Game Controller

The Jamstykk is an ultra portable Guitar Video Game controller that is compatible for three platform console games: Playstation 2/3 or Wii. That's right, one video game controller works with three different consoles. Perfect for the multi game console home. Works with All versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Guitar Hero game made 1.2 billion dollars in 2007 alone.

KeyBoard Guitar (clavier-guitare) - Musical Instrument

A new way to play:

Situated where the guitarist makes the strings of his hand or with a plectrum This patented invention provides not only a different way to play, Now you press on keys, but also new sounds. This system mechanical gripper enables the strings vibrating with more Amplitude or less depending on the draft keyboard. The accuracy of the latter and its rapid completion of the rest, modifying The system attack ropes keyboard offers specific acoustic performance A few hours are sufficient to discover the differences, games and sounds And easily produce agreements plated or broken This keyboard is suitable for any type of electric guitars, both acoustic and more that it is Removable.

The DukFoot Guitar Stand

The DukFoot guitar stand is the world's first and only fully automatic guitar-mounted stand. So sleek it remains on the guitar as you place the guitar in its case!

Mounts non-invasively on most guitars and is removable in seconds.

Once mounted on your guitar, you needn't touch it to use it! Simply lower the guitar to the floor and let go... the DukFoot automatically engages and your guitar stands up! When you're ready to play again, just pick the guitar up... the DukFoot automatically folds out of the way against the guitar back.

See the video on our website!

Green CD/DVD case

An all cardboard, easily recycled CD/DVD case design. It uses the CD itself as the strike to lock the case- thus avoiding the need for extraneous plastic parts. Fits standard storage units. Green and recyclable.

Compact Disc Eraser

Wipe out CD-Rs and DVDRs without any shredding waste! Quicker and safer than breaking an unwanted CD, affordably priced, and fun to use. Revolutionary optical strip technology renders any CD or DVD unreadable. The smallest and most practical solution to your Data Security needs. Disc Eraser!


I invented the CD Stripper after I cut my hand opening a music CD for my kid. It's safe, easy to use and will open thousands of CDs. The same goes for the DVD Stripper. It cuts movie, gaming, and music DVD cases that have annoying security tape on the top and side of the cases. You can flip the DVD and push it into the DVD stripper if it has a third piece of security tape on the bottom.

Character Bear: Character Building Toy

Parent/Child interactive learning tool. Un-stuffed teddy bear that fills with pillow pieces, each representing a character attribute such as love and caring, respect, kindness, responsibility. The bear stars in a story to bring him to life and teach the child about character. The guide acts as a tool for parents to teach thier children how to stuff the bear and also serves as a character learning tool. Magical, fun, learning toy. This is no ordinary teddy bear.

Video Gift Box

The Video Gift Box is a gift box for jewelry that captures a recording of the expression and happiness shown by a person receiving a jewelry gift--there is a small digital video camera that begins recording when the box is opened. This invention brought me to the final group of 24 for American Inventor 2006.

Anemone Clock

The AnemoneClock is a feisty little alarm clock with a bit more personality guaranteed to shake and wake anyone out of bed! Conventional alarm clocks only use sound to wake you up, but as many sleepers know, a quick flick to the static snooze button leads right back to sleeping without ever really opening your eyes. This early morning ritual is repeated several times without ever really waking you up when you want! All alarm clocks are simply too easy to turn off!

Accu Shot: Billiards Device

A Billiards target practice and training device