Take-A-Seat 3-IN-1 Tailgating Bench, Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier

Take-A-Seat is your 3-in-1 seating, bike rack and cargo carrier solution.

The unique, patented design and convenience of Take-A-Seat is the tailgater's answer to bringing all of their needs to the big game, race or any outdoor event! Take-A-Seat transforms in to a 3-place bike rack and a handy carrier for coolers or other cargo.

Enjoy the world's first vehicle-mounted collapsible chair along with a bike rack and cargo carrier. See why it was voted top 24 finalist on ABC's American Inventor!


World's Smartest Beach Bag

A round beach towel that easily converts into a carry bag with a pull of a drawstring. It's a round beach towel/blanket. It quickly and easily converts from a towel to a bag thanks to the ingenious but simple drawstring woven at the perimeter.

Jazzy Poop Stick™ - Pet Poop Cleaner

This all-in-one pet waste management system allows the user to retrieve, contain, and dispose of pet waste in a safe and hygienic manner.

The Quickset - Fishing Tool

The Quickset automatically sets the hook from an unattended fishing pole.

Recoil saw

The best addition to the manual hand saw since the handle.

3-Dimensional Signage For & On Hilly Terrains

Majority of the inhabited regions are geometrically two-dimensional (2-D, in brief) or planar. At least approximately, as we neglect the curvature of the Earth’s spherical shape locally and dismiss any minor irregularities in topography on the surface. Signage designed for this ‘locally 2-D Earth’s landscape’ are in 2-D too; they appear as road signs on pavements, portable city maps that can be folded and carried in shirt pockets, posters on pillars of subway stations displaying modified railway routes and schedules and so on. The phrase 'you are right here' is often pointed as an arrowhead on colony true-to-scale maps for convenience of residents and visitors. Mathematically it is an underlined point on a plane surface and physically it is your position on land. Some signages are interlinked and dynamic. The changing and blinking displays on highways regularly update the driver on traffic congestion and weather conditions. Thus having 2-D signage on 2-D topography seems obvious and good. But what about signage on 3-Dimensional natural structures like hills?

The Trickle Ring

The Trickle Ring is a multi-purpose irrigation ring that attaches to a garden hose to efficiently water young trees, shrubs, vegetables, or flower beds using drip or trickle irrigation. It directs water to the root perimeter of the plant to give them a good start during the first two growing seasons or through periods of drought. By adjusting the flow of water to match the rate of soil absorption, water is conserved by eliminating wasteful run-off and evaporation from spraying.

Trickle Rings may also be used as high-pressure spraying fountains to water larger planting beds AND they make a wonderful spray toy for children to cool off in!

Sturdy, versatile, low-profile, inexpensive, and Made in America!

SmokerDome: Grill Smoker Apparatus for Producing Smoke on Gas Grills

FlavorDome Grill Smoker is an apparatus for producing flavored smoke on an outdoor gas grill.  This grill smoker allows the user to enjoy those just cooked over open fire smoke flavors while using their outdoor gas grill.  Gas grills, of and by themselves, do not produce any natural wood smoke flavors. The SmokerDome Grill Smoker 'Turns every backyard cook into a gourmet chef'. "Changing the way the World barbecues... at home!"

Pole-R Bear Beach Umbrella Hook

Sand on your camera? Wet towels covered in sand? Keys lost in the sand? This brand new, stainless steel, patent-pending umbrella hook will keep all your valuables off the sand.

"THE DASH" Deer Hunting Stand

"The Dash" is a fully adjustable shooting and storage system that will fit almost any elevated hunting tripod or tree stand that has a rail around it.

Hand and Foot Tricycle - Sports and Recreation Bike

I am a Korean inventor. I have made several hand & foot bikes which have a unique automatic steering system. It would be ideal for transportation, traveling, physical exercise, assistance for the handicapped, the aged, and women who cannot ride a traditional cycle.

Zipblocks - Modular Building Systems

If you can build it with Lego's...you can build it with Zipblocks...but on a much larger scale.

Flying Easy Grab Disc - Recreational Toy

Fun flying disc ( frisbee like) that has bites taken out so kids and dogs can pick up off any surface ! ( two sizes).

Bobber With A Brain - Fishing Aid

Bobber With A Brain

Just cast!

B.W.A.B. sets your bait the distance YOU WANT off the bottom,


* Tight line vertical bait presentation.* Works with any simple crappie rig or perch rig.* Light bite tilting action, easily seen from any distance.* Instant bite detection, fish can't swim away with your bait.* Light Rod movement adds 3 inch up/down jigging motion.* Use the top part as three different slip bobbers.


xshade - Car Windshield Sunshade

A dashboard mount windshield sunshade that goes up or down in 3 seconds.

Double as dashboard cover to reflect sunlight even when driving