Pets and Animals

Dr. Critters Pet Reminder Bag

Dr. CrittersTM Pet Reminder Bag is an easy way to manage your pet's medications and treatments. It is zippered fabric bag that has an unique, patented combined locking indicating feature that reminds the user when the next dose is due.

It combines medication and accessory storage, a reminder system and child safety features all in easy to use bag. It is ideal for use with monthly heartworm and flea treatments as well as treatments for diabetic pets.

Jazzy Poop Stick™ - Pet Poop Cleaner

This all-in-one pet waste management system allows the user to retrieve, contain, and dispose of pet waste in a safe and hygienic manner.

The Quickset - Fishing Tool

The Quickset automatically sets the hook from an unattended fishing pole.

Doody Digger, The Pooper Scooper Revolution

With the durable and lightweight Doody Digger Pooper Scooper, simply scoop, then raise to drop dog poop directly in the attached dog waste bag. The one-handed, upright design prevents back and knee strain, while the patented shovel end works effectively on any surface.

My Car Pet - Novelty Item

My Car Pet carpet creature is extremely cool and should be handled with care. This is not a kids toy. My Car Pet has been known to steal girlfriends, drink college frat guys under the table and generally make you look bad. Only adopt a My Car Pet carpet creature if you are confident in yourself and your relationships. Are you up for the challenge?

Shake'n Fork - Powered Manure Fork

Once you thought you have seen it all, somebody comes up with a motorized version of an everyday  manure fork...

Leaderball Ball Launcher

Leaderball, the NEW pocket friendly ball launcher that simply attaches to your dog leash. This smart little product enables you to throw a rubber/tennis ball variable distances up to 210 feet using your own dog leash! Leaderball provides hands free pick up of the ball. Visit to see LEADERBALL IN ACTION.

Elegantiz: Earthenware from Cow Dung

A great environment friendly invention using cow dung!


"THE DASH" Deer Hunting Stand

"The Dash" is a fully adjustable shooting and storage system that will fit almost any elevated hunting tripod or tree stand that has a rail around it.

P.E.T. PT : Pet Toy

An Innovative new product for pets and animale lovers alike! This product will help maintain and stimulate a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Bobber With A Brain - Fishing Aid

Bobber With A Brain

Just cast!

B.W.A.B. sets your bait the distance YOU WANT off the bottom,


* Tight line vertical bait presentation.* Works with any simple crappie rig or perch rig.* Light bite tilting action, easily seen from any distance.* Instant bite detection, fish can't swim away with your bait.* Light Rod movement adds 3 inch up/down jigging motion.* Use the top part as three different slip bobbers.


Clever Dog Collar

The worlds 1st slip style dog collar that is suitable for everyday wear and training... without the harshness of a choke chain.

Quick-See: Grooming Aid for Dogs

Quick-see shows you where to cut your pet's dark toenails so that you don't cut them too short. It uses thermal color-changing technology to indicate the location of the quick in the toenail, eliminating the guessing game. Now everyone can clip with confidence.

Character Bear: Character Building Toy

Parent/Child interactive learning tool. Un-stuffed teddy bear that fills with pillow pieces, each representing a character attribute such as love and caring, respect, kindness, responsibility. The bear stars in a story to bring him to life and teach the child about character. The guide acts as a tool for parents to teach thier children how to stuff the bear and also serves as a character learning tool. Magical, fun, learning toy. This is no ordinary teddy bear.

Booster Bath: Pet Washer

Elevated plastic dog wash tub. With the New and Improved Booster Bath, washing your dog will be a bonding and enjoyable experience. No more putting off washing the dog because it's such a hassle! The Booster Bath makes washing your dog quick and painless.