Lock-Kill - Kills Locks Instantly

Lock-Kill -- Remarkable New Lock-out Device is Now Available to Property Managers, Landlords, and Property Investors This brand new device instantly and permanently disables any Kwikset or Schlage lock. Once this patented key is inserted into the keyway the lock is completely disabled. It can't be picked, bumped or jimmied. It is used mainly for securing properties after an eviction. Lock-Kill is now available for Property Investors, Property Managers and Landlords and is sold exclusively through

Digitalized Landing Technique

If you are seriously connected with aviation industry in any diverse capacity, say as a commercial pilot or as an airport designer or even as a frequent flier, you are quite aware of the fact that the feared take-off and landing procedures are ‘sensitive to skill of the pilot’. Add to it the unfortunate 9/11 historical episode wherein a terrorist (in disguise of a pilot) attacked the buildings just after take-off. Ample security arrangements have been set up since then to ensure unrepeatability of such a disaster. But still a small gap detected by me needs be plugged for a foolproof aviation security....

First Fuel Cell Personal Breathalyzer - World's Most Accurate

The world's most accurate personal breathalyzer uses a platinum fuel cell to turn breath alcohol into electric   al current for precise breath alcohol content (BAC) measurement. The technology has long been used in professional breath alcohol testers such as those used by law enforcement but has not been available to the general public.

Firearm Magazine Safety Lock

The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock (FMSL) is the simplest way to lock your firearm. Patented (#7,543,403 B1) and ready for licensing, the FMSL may just change the face of firearm safety. By simply replacing the factory magazine with the FMSL, the lock itself becomes part of the firearm. A firearm that is locked with an FMSL cannot be fired when it is locked and is impossible to keep a round chambered. Making it the best way to childproof your firearm. The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock will render any magazine fed, port ejection firearm completely safe and inoperable with just a turn of the key and back to operational again in just seconds.


Keep-Safe Lockbox

My powder-painted steel lockboxes lock permanently onto steel brackets bolted to studs of walls or solid doors, and once the owner uses a key or the combination to unlock one, he can just pull it off the bracket and reach into the open back. Plus, my slim-line lockboxes are made to hold medicines in the bathroom, toxic cleaners in kitchen cupboards, toxic baby products in bedrooms and nurseries, and guns behind bedside tables or even bolted to the underside of a bed frame (combo type).

Personal Security Backpack

Crime-fighting backpack designed to help save lives.

StealthVue PennyCam : Hidden Security Camera

Robbers Chasing Dollars, Captured By Pennies

StealthVue's new covert countertop surveillance device embeds a hi-resolution security camera in an object found on the vast majority of gas station, convenience and liquor store countertops: The "Take-A-Penny, Leave-A-Penny" tray.

The Smart Belt : Car Safety Belt

The Smart Belt guarantees that motor vehicles move no faster than 10 miles per hour without confirmed seatbelt connection, and by using common automobile equipment.

Bodyguard - Body Protection for Mechanics

BODYGUARD is a revolutionary way to protect car mechanics while they are under a car. It is the only creeper with built-in FRAME PROTECTION.

COVERPLAY - Baby Safety Product

The first and only slipcover-for play yards. Our Patent pending invention helps reduce children's exposure to germs and bacteria that build up on play yards. It is great for the travel industry who provides their young guests with play yards that are not always so clean. It is machine washable and Pediatrician recommended.

Lounge Lokr - Personal Storage Locker

A personal storage locker that affixes to chaise lounge chairs at hotels and waterparks, work benches in your garage or shop and more. It incoporates an adjustable lid and locking drawer unit to attach to varied width mounting frames.

Self - Rescue Device for Building Fires

As we know ,about 25000 people were killed in building fire in the world every year .Thought firefighters are working so hard to prevent them,death is still going on in building fires.

Why are there always so many dead? Because, so far there are not any professional self-rescue devices provided to the people . So when people are trapped in building fire, the only thing that they can do is just wait for the firefighters` rescue. However, sometimes death comes before rescue ..........

Give me a little help in getting my invention to market, and you may save you and your families .Building-fire always comes unexpectedly.


Rapid Victim Extrication Tool

A hydraulic battery operated rescue tool that removes the front of the dash board of the victim of an accident. This is faster and safer than the jaws of life.

Guide for Escorting Children

The Centipede is a Guide for Escorting Children small children and children with handicaps.


ResQDisk is a Rescue Device for saving individuals who has fallen into FAST MOVING WATERS or THIN ICE. Besides swimming pool and children, people seldom drown in calm waters.