Toys and Recreation

Take-A-Seat 3-IN-1 Tailgating Bench, Bike Rack and Cargo Carrier

Take-A-Seat is your 3-in-1 seating, bike rack and cargo carrier solution.

The unique, patented design and convenience of Take-A-Seat is the tailgater's answer to bringing all of their needs to the big game, race or any outdoor event! Take-A-Seat transforms in to a 3-place bike rack and a handy carrier for coolers or other cargo.

Enjoy the world's first vehicle-mounted collapsible chair along with a bike rack and cargo carrier. See why it was voted top 24 finalist on ABC's American Inventor!


World's Smartest Beach Bag

A round beach towel that easily converts into a carry bag with a pull of a drawstring. It's a round beach towel/blanket. It quickly and easily converts from a towel to a bag thanks to the ingenious but simple drawstring woven at the perimeter.

Pool Sprint - Water Sport

Pool sprint - the new era of running.

The Quickset - Fishing Tool

The Quickset automatically sets the hook from an unattended fishing pole.

FreeSpine Fitness Machine


The FREESPINE is efficient, time saving fitness machinefor exercising and strengthening your core muscles and joints, to keep your spine flexible and lower back fit and pain free, for high body tone and perfect posture.


Skate Fusion 2 in 1

The new Skate fusion 2 in 1 is the best way to have fun in two different devices, ideal for kids who are first learners on skateboards as same for kids who enjoy to use skateboards as same as scooters.

Sleep Bright - Write On and Glow in the Dark Sheets

This invention is sleeping sheets you can write and draw on. The writing glows in the dark, lighting up any room at night for a nice art display night light.

Sleepy Dust Magical Bedtime Toy

Introducing SleepyDust®…The fun, easy-to-follow, bedtime routine!


If you’ve ever struggled with putting your child to bed, you know how challenging it can be to find a regular, reliable bedtime routine. To help our own children follow a bedtime routine, JJ Everyday created new SleepyDust®.

Jamstykk Guitar Game Controller

The Jamstykk is an ultra portable Guitar Video Game controller that is compatible for three platform console games: Playstation 2/3 or Wii. That's right, one video game controller works with three different consoles. Perfect for the multi game console home. Works with All versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The Guitar Hero game made 1.2 billion dollars in 2007 alone.

Personal Security Backpack

Crime-fighting backpack designed to help save lives.

Leaderball Ball Launcher

Leaderball, the NEW pocket friendly ball launcher that simply attaches to your dog leash. This smart little product enables you to throw a rubber/tennis ball variable distances up to 210 feet using your own dog leash! Leaderball provides hands free pick up of the ball. Visit to see LEADERBALL IN ACTION.

"THE DASH" Deer Hunting Stand

"The Dash" is a fully adjustable shooting and storage system that will fit almost any elevated hunting tripod or tree stand that has a rail around it.

Cubical Challenge Puzzle

The Magic Cube is the new generation in puzzles.

CHALK-O-MATIC - Pool Cue Chalker & Pocket Marker

CHALK-O-MATIC fits in the palm of your hand, rotates and contains a cube of billiard chalk (allows for any billiard chalk cube) for your pool cue.  "Without a good chalking, you will miss the pocket."

Hand and Foot Tricycle - Sports and Recreation Bike

I am a Korean inventor. I have made several hand & foot bikes which have a unique automatic steering system. It would be ideal for transportation, traveling, physical exercise, assistance for the handicapped, the aged, and women who cannot ride a traditional cycle.