Toys and Recreation

Twister Tube - Novelty Item

The Twister Tube is here!!

There's been a sighting of a funnel cloud. It has just touched down and glowing in a multitude of colors. The sirens are sounding, is it time to evacuate?? No, the tornado is on your nightstand and you control it.

Flying Easy Grab Disc - Recreational Toy

Fun flying disc ( frisbee like) that has bites taken out so kids and dogs can pick up off any surface ! ( two sizes).

Bobber With A Brain - Fishing Aid

Bobber With A Brain

Just cast!

B.W.A.B. sets your bait the distance YOU WANT off the bottom,


* Tight line vertical bait presentation.* Works with any simple crappie rig or perch rig.* Light bite tilting action, easily seen from any distance.* Instant bite detection, fish can't swim away with your bait.* Light Rod movement adds 3 inch up/down jigging motion.* Use the top part as three different slip bobbers.


Etraay - Portable/car Sports Eating Tray

Portable/car sports eating tray. Designed to be used in many places and to help while on the go.

DPX Systems Power Assist Drive Unit

Cordless drill power assist transmission unit with multi-positioning for placing unlimited objects into motion.

3G Stepper - Bicycle

Los Angeles times says the 3G Stepper a "GREAT ALL BODY WORKOUT". The 3G Stepper is a fun vertical motion bike where you use both your upper and lower body to get a great workout.

Radio Controlled Lawn Mower

A Radio Controlled Lawn Mower that I built in April-July 2006. I built it mostly out of spare parts only having to purchase the radio system and speed controllers.

ParScooter - Electric golf cart scooter.

Ride and tow your golf clubs! The easiest and most fun way to play golf. Saves time and money too!

Campfire Back Warmer "BakGlo"

Have you ever had a cold back at a campfire? This is the solution.


Flextee challenges traditional thinking when it comes to how, when or where we play or practice golf.

Character Bear: Character Building Toy

Parent/Child interactive learning tool. Un-stuffed teddy bear that fills with pillow pieces, each representing a character attribute such as love and caring, respect, kindness, responsibility. The bear stars in a story to bring him to life and teach the child about character. The guide acts as a tool for parents to teach thier children how to stuff the bear and also serves as a character learning tool. Magical, fun, learning toy. This is no ordinary teddy bear.

Bubble Ring Generator: Toy Bubble Maker

Bubble Rings are like smoke rings, except under water. I have invented and patented simple, inexpensive devices that anyone can use to create and play with beautiful bubble rings.

Sideways Bike

Two wheel steering bicycle with each wheel having its own steering control operated by rider's left and right hand respectively and rider positioned facing the direction of motion.

Sea Hammock - Aquatic Deckchair \ Lounger

Completely novel portable lounger deck chair designed to be taken into the water at the beach, lake, or your swimming pool. Lay back and relax completely immersed in a warm water pool or lie out and cool off in the sea when Global Warming makes it too hot to stay on the beach.

Anemone Clock

The AnemoneClock is a feisty little alarm clock with a bit more personality guaranteed to shake and wake anyone out of bed! Conventional alarm clocks only use sound to wake you up, but as many sleepers know, a quick flick to the static snooze button leads right back to sleeping without ever really opening your eyes. This early morning ritual is repeated several times without ever really waking you up when you want! All alarm clocks are simply too easy to turn off!